Key West is a bright warm sunny sub tropical island…..most of the time. There are days, weeks, sometimes months, when it is cold. Though infrequent, some evenings in the winter in the high 40’s. Long pants time. Sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets.

Cold fronts pop in on occasion. Not necessarily during the winter season. Sometimes unexpectedly.

Steve Thompson describes a 1970’s cold front involving Mallory Square and a Jimmy Buffett concert.

So Jimmy gave a free concert at Mallory Square. The stage was up next to the brick building there.

Bobby Shrimper had his boat tied up to the dock. Everyone excited and ready to rock.

Then the wind picked up and a front came through. A record cold blast, nothing we could do.

Everyone really loved the show, even though it felt like snow.

Tom Brady returned last night! Led Tampa to a 19-3 victory over Dallas. He went 18 for 27 in racking up 212 passing yards.

Brady was in control throughout. At 45, he remains the greatest quarterback ever in professional football.

Brady shared the team’s success with the Buc’s defense. They played outstandingly well!

The report is in. Russian troops are retreating in the Ukraine’s northeast. Fleeing a better word to describe what is becoming a rout. The Russians are running from the Ukraines leaving tanks, trucks and other military equipment behind.

Brings to mind Napoleon’s departure from Moscow.

There is a danger involved. A danger to the good guys. Putin is losing face. This he cannot tolerate. He will I fear take worse steps, more severe than he has in the past, to show the world his “strength.” A phony façade.

Putin started the war with Ukraine. The Ukraines stood up to him. Many other nations also. Sanctions were imposed on Russia which have reached the point of severely handicapping Russia. Putin is hurting. Retaliation is all he knows. Meet pain with pain. Create suffering on a level not experienced in recent years.

Putin is wielding a sword of punishment. Riding his Apocalyptic horse. Cutting and threatening to cut Russian gas to European nations.

Russia has supplied cheap gas seemingly forever to Europe. Russian gas has flowed uninterrupted from the Cold War and other times of tension between Moscow and the West.

Since invading Ukraine, Putin has “weaponized” gas. Pushing Europe to the brink of recession. All businesses have been touched. From steel and aluminum to toilet paper. Factories are closing. Some may never reopen.

Gas world wide is King. Prices higher. Nowhere and probably never again will gas prices equal the cost of cheap Russian gas.

Permit me to dramatize in Biblical terms what Putin has wrought. The Prophecy Revelations 6: 1-8.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Conquest, War, Famine and Death. Putin is the rider of each. Conquest and War are already being experienced on a significant scale world wide. Putin responsible for the most dangerous presently. Though others are involved in many areas of the world.

Pestilence accompanies Conquest and War. Pandemics commonplace. Droughts and weather caused disasters on the rise.

The other two Apocalyptic horses are behind, though in the race. Famine and Death. Both could very well be equal with Conquest and War in short course.

Even here in the U.S. we are on the edge of experiencing famine. Food shortages prevalent. The problem a world one.

Death is being experienced. Kid stuff in the final analysis. Many more will die. Die more rapidly. From Conquest, War and Famine. Though rarely mentioned, the Bible indicates cannibalism will be experienced.

Why can the preceding occur?  Occur at this time in the life of the world? Because a nut named Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

Perhaps hard to do after the thoughts spelled out above, nevertheless enjoy your day!






  1. I wish Ukraine would just give up already. I told Vlad last January that Ukraine was week and “now” was the time, even showed him the paperwork. Now I look like an idiot. This is costing me MONEY.

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