The cold continues!

Presently 54 degrees. High projected at 62.

I am playing golf this morning. Stupid! However I am teeing off at 8:22 in league play. My opponent is Yankee Jack. In spite of the cold, it will be a fun match. Yankee hits his drives where I go in 3. My close game will keep me in the match, as long as Yankee screws up his. He also has to give me 8 strokes. Not enough!

The radio show yesterday was terrific! Hope you were able to listen in.

The time for the show has changed again. It will be fridays at 10 am. That is it! It is fixed! Locked in!

The radio station has new and more powerful call numbers. 1500. Great reception! Clear and distinct!

Several people commented last night that they had received internet messages during the day from people in Havana. Cuba is receiving KONK 1500 radio shows! Turns out the more powerful 1500 station was previously Spanish speaking and its power extended to Cuba.

Cuba is only 90 miles to the south of Key West.

I spoke on the radio show yesterday of Presidents who had visited Key West.

One was John Kennedy. He spent a month here at the Little White House after the Cuban missle crisis.

One of the more prominent Key West families today are the Spottswoods. They are into everything professionally, businesswise, civically and socially. Good people all! Genuine! Their hearts are into Key West and its peoples.

Back in the early 1960s when Kennedy visited, their father was Sheriff. A big man! A big job!

Sheriff Spottswood spent much time with President Kennedy. He took him around on occasion and showed him the sights, including the florida keys as they existed back then.

A movie was in the planning stages. A World War II movie about Kennedy’s exploits as a PT boat commander. Kennedy had been a war hero.

An island was required as the locale for the movie. Spottswood owned what was then Munson Island. The island was about 30 miles north of Key West. Immediately south of Big Pine.

Spottswood took Kennedy for a ride and showed him the island. He suggested it was a good place for the movie.

Apparently Kennedy and every one else involved agreed. PT 109, as the movie was called, was filmed on Munson island.

Munson Island no longer exists today under that name. It is now known as Little Palm Island. World famous. For the Noble resort located there.

Most are unaware or have forgotten the island’s Kennedy/Spottswood/PT 109 history.

The Chart Room was jam packed last night! Really full! The cold is not keeping the tourists away from Key West.

Marty, Sean, Katherine and Che were there. I spent some time chatting with Sean and Katherine. Great young people! On the move in life!

Sean is a local reporter. Does a radio show also on Konk 1500 as I do. And he hosts a weekly TV show on channel 5.

Katherine is on the rise at the Ocean Key House. Another Noble resort vacation spot.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. John Lukas is manager. A great guy! Runs a smart place!

John is a Wisconsin graduate. He is as crazy about Wisconsin as I am about Syracuse. As I walked in the door last night, I exclaimed…..We both got beat last week! Wisconsin lost a game and so did Syracuse. Wisconsin is ranked 12th in the nation and Syracuse 5th in the new rankings. Basketball is big when John and I talk.

Thursday is one of the big games of the year for Syracuse. Georgetown. At Georgetown. Georgetown is ranked #10. Georgetown will be out for revenge! Syracuse embarrassed them badly at Syracuse 2 weeks ago.

That’s it for today! I have to dig out the long johns for today’s golf match!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. JFK was a war hero?? Maybe thats why the Navy was about to court-martial him before Father Joe stepped in..However he does have to be given much credit for rescuing one of his sailors..
    You need to exert some of your influence and warm that place up a bit..We're still counting the days..Patrick and JoAnn..

  2. Some body is pulling your leg. Very few Cubans have internet access, and those that do couldn't send messages without government approval.

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