Tomorrow begins a new day and time for my radio show.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will henceforth be heard fridays at 10 in the morning. Listen in at KONK 1500 AM. See and listen on the internet at

During the show I will share with you an interesting tidbit about the Judge hearing the Proposition 8 California gay marriage case, make the point again that arrest does not mean guilt, explore some dumb weird Canadian laws and make note of U.S. Presidents who have visted Key West.

Hope you can join me!

Golf yesterday!

A disaster!

I played Yankee Jack. He destroyed me! I shot 122. He shot 104. I deserved to be beaten!

My partner Rob did well. He shot an 89. After shooting over 100 each of the previous two weeks. He played Randy. Poor Randy. Randy is a good player. However he caught Rob on a day when Rob was shooting extremely well. As Randy said…..Just my luck!

Last night was wednesday. Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. A great voice!

June and Bill Hudson were there listening to Bobby. They have just returned to Key West from their northern home in Delaware. Good people! Long time friends! We had a great time together.

We made plans to have dinner together monday night.

Then I was off to Outback.

I am enjoying Outback. Great bar seats. Good food cheap. And big TV screens to watch basketball.

Last night it was Duke/Miami. A game! Duke losing by 12 at half. Miami all excited about possibly beating the #6 ranked team in the country. Then the second half! Duke went to work and literally destroyed Miami.

The weather continues as it has. Cold! The high today will be 61.

Big time Syracuse basketball tonight! Syracuse plays Georgetown at Georgetown! The #5 and the #10 teams meet. A battle! Especially after Syracuse beat Georgetown badly 2 weeks ago at Syracuse. Georgetown will be seeking revenge.

I will be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar. A bunch of us Syracuse fans will gather to yell and scream in support of our alma mater.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Key West Luo why do say that you never smoked "POT" when we know that you did and also "Snoted Crack Cocaine. There is a letter sent to your local newspaper stateing these facts.Don't think that you will put this in your "Blog".

  2. Lou – Syracuse loses tonight, sorry!

    Say, have you seen the price of the tickets to the Big East Tournament in NY City next month? The prices are up 40 percent over last year! The average man can no longer go to these events, they're now reserved for the very wealthy! Oh well, I can still afford TV thank Heaven.

    Enjoy the game tonight!

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