My radio show is today!

Yes, today!

At 10 am.

I got moved from Thursday to Tuesday. And with a new time besides.

KONK radio has powered up. It can now be heard all the way up the Florida keys. With a new number. 1500 on the dial!

Join me this morning. The internet address remains the same. We’ll chat a bit about the Proposition 8 California trial, a couple of recent federal court matters in Miami, Canadian dumb weird laws, the proposed Monroe County lobbying legislation, separation of Church and State, a bit about rape and what have you.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour at 10 this morning!

The lights went out last night in Key West. Around 8 o’clock. Not unuusual. The lights always go out in the keys. We are like a Caribbean island in that regard. The blackout only lasted about 10 minutes.

It was unusual for me, however. It was the first time I was out during a blackout.

I was on Duval walking towards La Trattoria. Key West is packed. It is the season.

Suddenly, darkness. Black. Pitch black.

The people walking on Duval were no longer clearly visible. They were merely moving shadows. It was eerie.

My day yesterday started with babysitting. From 9 to 1. Robert and Ally treated me well. I did my thing by playing checkers with Robert and doing beads with Ally. Then they were bored with me and left me alone to read the papers and work on today’s radio show.

Marty is back! Hip, hip, hooray! He was gone for 3 weeks.

We met at the Chart Room. Chatted a bit. Merla came in. Charming and sweet. It was good to see her again.

Dinner was at La Trattoria. Kathy bartending. Many people. Waiting lines for a table. I had called in earlier for 2 seats at the bar at 8. The seats were waiting for us.

The whole world was at La Trattoria last night. Cheryl and Roger at a table. My Syracuse friends Dan, Lisa, Howard and Elaine at the bar. It was agreed we would meet at the Sports Page Bar at 7 Thursday night for the Syracuse/Georgetown game. A big game! Marty might even attend.

After dinner, I sat at the bar watching Connecticut beat Villanova. A strange season! A tough Big East! Connecticut is unranked. Villanova moved up to #2 yesterday before the game. It won’t be #2 when the new rankings come out next Monday.

I have to review my notes for the radio show.

Enjoy your day!

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