Crazy weather!

Big snowstorm hitting the northeast.

Key West buried in rain yesterday.

It rained all day. Poured. Buckets. Wind. Sometimes the rain seemed to be blowing side ways. It was!

Parts of Key West flooded. Trees down.

It was like the rain that immediately precedes a hurricane.

Let me put the rain storm in proper perspective. It was a big time snow storm without snow!

I did the smart thing. I stayed home. All day. All night.

Read, watched TV and napped.

An exciting life. The correct thing to do yesterday.

The cold wave hits today. High 72. Going to drop to 63 tonight. And into the 50s tomorrow night. Wind gusts today. 27 miles per hour.

I apologize to my friends up north, but that is cold here!

I will dress appropriately for the weather today. Long pants. A sweat shirt.

Jean Thornton never made it out yesterday. The weather cancelled her flight leaving Key West. I will be surprised if she makes it out today. Key West benefits. We all love Jean and want to keep her here.

This is Clayton’s big day! His new tee shirt company’s web site opens. Take a peek.

Every one is not perfect. Many have yet to complete their Christmas shopping. The weather is not cooperating, no matter where one lives. The solution: Lisa’s Key West internet department store Via Key West. Convenient. Easy. Reasonable. Give the different gift this year. Something funky and fabulous from Key West.

I am going back to bed for a while. I am chilly. It’s 71 degrees. That is cold here in Key West!

Enjoy your day!

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