I slept late. The blog is late. Sorry.

It’s Sunday. Maybe that’s why.

Cold. Not bad, though. It was 63 during the night. Threw the thick quilt on the bed. Needed it. A warm body would have been better.

High today projected at 68. Tonight it will be 57. I may need more than the quilt!

This is our cold spell. It will last till Wednesday.

I know I should not complain. People up north are really suffering. Big time snow and cold! Someone e mailed me yesterday that it was so cold up north that they were eating ice cream to keep warm!

I started my day yesterday with a walk. Along the waterfront on the gulf side of Key West. By Dante’s, Turtle Kral, the Turtle Museum, Schooner’s Wharf, Alonzo’s, the Galleon and back. It was only a bit cool. I wore a sweatshirt. There were times when I thought I did not need it.

Then it was over to Lisa’s. Spent a couple of hours there.

I got hooked on the North Carolina basketball game. Watched the first half. Played with the grandkids in between. Chatted with Lisa and Corey. Lisa was baking Christmas cookies. Ally helping.

Afterwards, I headed over to the Coffee House on Duval. Read the New York papers and drank coffee. It was later in the afternoon and quiet. Dead quiet. Only me and another guy. And he was sound asleep. In my wing back chair!

I had intended to wait till Monday to get a manicure. However my nails were beginning to look nasty. So late in the afternoon I headed to Lee Nails.

Lee Nails is now located in the Habana Plaza on Flagler. It used to be located for several years in Duval Square across from Square One Restaurant. Rent was heavy in the Square. So the owner moved to the Flagler location a couple of years ago.

He took all his employees with him.

My manicurist and her husband were two of those employees. Six months ago they bought the business. Good for them! The American way! They are both immigrants from Vietnam.

The new place is beautiful and larger. And they work hard! Harder since they bought the place!

They are adding things to enhance the business. Yesterday when I walked in, all the staff were wearing lime colored collared tee shirts with the name Lee Nails imprinted in yellow over the heart. A nice touch!

I was not in the mood to go out last night. Once I had thrown the quilt on the bed, it looked inviting. So I stayed in and watched TV from my bed.

I am glad I did!

Caught two great movies! Both musicials!

Meet me in St. Louis and West Side Story! To die for! A movie gourmet’s bonanza!

Meet Me in St. Louis is a 1944 romantic musical starring Judy Garland. Great songs! The Trolley Song and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

The movie was directed by Vincent Minnelli. He and Judy Garland met and fell in love during the movie. They subsequently married. A child was born. Lisa Minnelli. That Lisa Minnelli!

West Side Story was a modern day remake of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 1961. Natalie Wood starred. Jerome Robbins directed. The movie won 10 Academy Awards.

Robbins was running over budget. The studio fired him during the movie. Just after the gang rumbling scene had been completed. The movie ended up being the second biggest grossing musical of all time!

I was glad I stayed in and did not go out! The two movie musicals made for a comforting evening! Especially under the warm quilt!

Sunday is here! Wowie! Love the day! The TV talk shows, Sunday papers, Don’s Place, the Gardens and Larry Smith’s Showcase! Hope I get to do them all!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. From your first cigarette to last dying day. Two of my favorite movies. Have a great holiday Lou. Keep an eye on those commies to the south for us too. Happy Festivus!

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