Rained big time during the night! The storm woke me at 2 in the morning. Rain over the ocean is different from rain coming down any where else.

It is now 7 am and it is gray, windy and raining lightly. TV says 80 per cent chance of rain today. Looks like it.

The radio show went well yesterday. I am pleased.

KONK 1680 AM radio is fun for me and good for the community!

The station is just over 6 months old. It is in a state of continual progression. Yesterday morning I was writing and telling everyone to go to the u stream internet site to see and listen to the show.

When I got to the station to do my show, I was advised that the u stream site address was no longer required. Simply go to www.konkam.com. You read it here! The broadcasts have returned to a simple internet address.

One of the call ins was from local icon Larry Smith. A professional entertainer with radio and television experience, I was pleased with his comments. He thought the show was going well. He also expressed himself regarding the school district problems. His wife Christine is a school teacher and so they are both closer to the isssue than most.

Thank you for listening in and your comments, Larry.

I had a quiet afternoon after the radio show. Went to the Coffee House on Duval, drank water and read the local newspapers and New York Times. I spent a couple of hours just sitting there in a large comfortable wing back and reading.

Last night I was off to the Chart Room.

No Marty. He is home in Hallendale for Christmas.

Che was at his corner of the bar holding court. At the other end were Jean, Sheila, Frank and several others. I talked with them for a while. Long enough to have 2 diet cokes.

Jean leaves this morning for her home up north for Christmas. She will be missed. Jean is the Golden Girl who discovered gold and emeralds while diving on a Mel Fisher outing and her life changed.

I went to La Trattoria for dinner. For what I consider dinner. I am still dieting.

Beecha hosting. An absolutely beautiful woman! Got my usual hug and kiss.

Kathy bartending. A charming personality! Lovely also! Originally from Albany, N.Y. We consider ourselves transplanted neighbors.

Eating out is a problem. All I wanted again was a double shrimp appetizer order. Would you believe that I have sought the shrimp appetizer 2 nights in a row and could not find it!

As with Antonia’s the night before, there was no shrimp appetizer on the menu at La Trattoria. A shame! The primary industry in Key West 50 years ago was shrimping. It still is a big industry here. There are shrimping boats all over the place. It is not uncommon to see 20-30 going out or coming in while driving along the ocean.

But no one sells them as an appetizer. At least two of my favorite restauants. I did have them the other night at Hot Tin Roof.

So I ended up ordering the hogfish francasis special. I ate two thirds of the fish. Which was about a third too much! Did not touch the rice or other veggies.

Tasted so good!

I took a walk on Duval after dinner. The holiday season is obvious. Christmas decorations all over the place. Very pretty. Very comforting.

Although this is a quiet week in Key West, there were people on the street holidaying and partying.

I stopped at Lisa’s to see their Christmas tree on the way home. A beautiful tree! Warm!

Corey was in the living room reading. Lisa was in bed working on her lap top. Robert and Ally had fallen asleep in bed with Lisa. They looked like angels!

I instantly remembered when Lisa was my angel. Lisa is now 45 and Robert and Ally have replaced her.

Not really. Lisa will always be my angel! Robert and Ally have joined her.

Only 7 days to Christmas! Is your shopping done? If not, go to Lisa’s Key West internet department store to shop. Many funky and fabulous gifts. Convenient and reasonable. www.viakeywest.com.

Enjoy your day!

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