Today is Thursday! And on Thursday’s we do the Key West Lou Legal Hour radio show!

Please join me at 1 pm at KONK 1680 AM radio. Through the brilliance of the internet, I can be seen as well as heard on your computer at

This is week 4 of the show. I am still playing with it. Trying to develop the most appealing format. I am asking for telephone call ins. Give a call with a question, comment or just plain hello at 305-294-2769. Also known as 305-294-CROW. Questions can also be written in at the u stream site.

The weather continues to be terrrific here in Key West. 84 and humid yesterday. But not up north!

My hometown Utica is cold! And snowy! And windy! Temperatures in the 20s and 30s depending on the time of day. Winds 20-30 miles per hour with gusts around 50 miles per hour. That Chicago snow will hit after midnight and tomorrow. Buffalo to the east is projected to get 1-2 feet of snow.

I would rather be in Key West.

Golf yesterday! Loved it!

Played with Don and Yankee.

Don usually shoots in the 80s. He was off yesterday. Shot 93.

Yankee had a very good day. One of his best in a long time. He was the big winner.

And I came in last. As usual! But I shot terrific golf the last 3 holes. Made some great shots. Got all excited!

It was good enough so that I only ended up losing $7.

Lisa’s Christmas party was last night. The Southernmost party for their staff.

Lisa and Corey rarely go out. Their family is everything. But last night they did go out. And needed a baby sitter. And who was that? Me, of course.

Robert, Ally and I had a good time.

We did candy first. They still had a lot of candy left over from the Christmas parade last week. Then jello. Followed by apple juice.

I let them eat in the living room. Something Lisa does not permit. Between the candy and living room site, they were excited that Poppa was permitting them to break the rules a bit. What are gradfathers for!

There was a Rudolph movie on TV. They wanted to watch it. I wanted to watch the St. Johns/ Georgia basketball game. They won.

Rudolph was boring!

I was tired. Between the golf in the morning and the time I spent in the afternoon polishing off today’s radio show, I never got my nap. I kept dozing off. Robert and Ally were actually babysitting me.

Lisa and Corey came home later than anticipated. Close to 11. I was supposed to go to Larry and Christine’s Christmas party following the sitting venture. No way! I was too tired! I do not even know how the car made it home!

Larry and Christine are great hosts. Always enjoy being in their home. But it was not to be last night. Sorry, my friends.

I am 44 days into no alcohol and smoking. Wow! The smoking is the real problem. The desire is always there.

One of the problems with giving up smoking is weight gain. I have added 13 pounds in the 5 weeks since I stopped smoking. It just keeps going up! You do eat more!

I have decided to go on a diet.

I was 20 pounds overweight when I gave up drinking and smoking. Now it is up over 30 pounds. I wanted to wait till after the holidays. But at this rate, I will have an additional 10 pounds to get rid of.

So now is the the time! Today is the day!

The diet is Medifast. My doctor recommended it. Mostly prepared food.

My goal is 30 pounds.

Will I make it? I don’t know. I have started many a diet and failed. Others I have succeeded at!

My intent is serious and good. We shall see.

And you will know. I will keep you informed.

I am telling you from now that I intend to cheat Christmas eve. The food will be too good not to.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. 20 pounds overweight at the time you stopped smoking. Gained 13 pounds. That is 33 pounds overweight not 30. Need to be able to add better.

  2. No smoking or drinking for 44 days, that's great! Stopping two things at once it tough especially where you are. Enjoy! Start the new year off with the diet. Wish my son would join you with no smoking and drinking.

  3. Huummm,, Buffalo is now east of Utica.. Thats interesting, I didn't think the poles had changed polarity quite yet..Anyway, the weather in KW is a whole lot better than in NY.. Patrick and JoAnn..

  4. I got to thinking,, its usually dangerous when I do that.. I think you may have meant the Buffalo was east of Chicago and your statement had nothing to do with Utica,,sorry.. Patrick and JoAnn..

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