The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect. Could not have been better. Mid 80s by day. No humidity. Just the right touch of coolness by night.

May it continue!

We are heading into Key West’s winter season. Begins around December 15 and runs through February 15. At its worst, the temperature could drop as low as high 60s by day and an occasional high 40s by night. There are years however when this does not happen and every day is a good day.

There is no way to tell. We just have to wait and see.

Television weather just reported that my hometown of Utica, NY has already had 2-4 inches of snow this morning. And more is coming! Glad I am here!

Lunched at the bar at the Yacht Club yesterday. One of the items of discussion was Santa Claus’ 42 foot Chris Craft which sunk at the dock a few days ago. I mentioned Bill Murphy last week following the Yacht Club Christmas party for the kids. Bill played Santa Claus. He and his good wife Shari will be without their boat for a while.

I did not understand why it sunk. It is the second boat to go down in the past month. Another sunk at the dock at the Yacht Club during the big wind storm Key West recently experienced.

I am Lisa’s delivery boy. I take her orders for Via Key West to the post office for shipment.

Yesterday I had to make 2 trips. The second was for a small light box representing a late order that had to go out.

Key West has 2 post offices. The main branch downtown and a sub station in the Winn Dixie Shopping Center in new town. The post offices here are undermanned. Not enough personnel. Waiting lines long. A 20 minute to 1 hour wait is not uncommon. People are complaining big time. So far only talking relief from Washington.

I got to the sub station at Winn Dixie at the wrong time. A very long line. The small room was crowded liked sardines in a can. No exaggeration. The line twisted back and forth. Only 1 counter person.

When I arrived, the last spot in the line was right next to my friend Patrick Hayes. He was first in line. Had been there a while. I was last. But again the way the waiting line twirled, Patrick and I were next to each other.

Patrick got called to the counter. His turn. A true friend! He took the package out of my hands as he walked to the counter. I walked outside and waited for him. He soon came out. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. And gave him $3 to cover the mailing cost.

I decided to be nice to Louis. It was time for a manicure.

There were 4 lovely young ladies getting manicures and pedicures. By young, I would estimate very early 20s. Probably no one over 21.

Thin and pretty. All talkative. This apparently was their day off from work. They were going for drinks afterwards. Then dinner. Or… the conversation went…..should we skip dinner and get a limousine and go bar hopping?

I noticed all 4 were pale. Very pale. Circles under their eyes.

Then it dawned on me. They had to be strippers. I am not sure the term is politically correct. I call their place of work a strip club. Old fashioned! Today known as a gentlemen’s club.

I asked my manicurist if I was correct in my observation regarding the nature of their work. She said yes.

The young ladies were happy. Joking around.

All of a sudden, a feeling of sadness overwhelmed me. I am being judgmental. I felt sorry for them.

Last night started with the Chart Room. It was me and Marty and Mark the bartender. No one else. The town was dead.

We decided to do dinner at Square One. Marty’s idea. I liked it because Patrick Hayes of the post office earlier in the day is Patty Cakes the bartender at Square One by night.

We had a terrific meal at the bar. Chatted with Patty Cakes and others. I finally left Marty at the bar and headed home early around 9:30.

I did a little work in preparation for my radio show tomorrow. I will spend more time working on it this afternoon. Remember to listen in. KONK 1680 AM radio. You can listen and see via u stream at

The show is at 1 pm. Join me, if you can.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I cannot wait! I truly enjoy playing. Even though I am too old to improve, I keep saying to myself someday……Someday I am going to have that great round!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Everytime I get out to play golf I try to remember 2 things: take dead aim at my target and keep my eye on the ball. When I do this, it works. More than half the time it's hard to implement as I'm not as focused as I should be.

    Have fun with your golfing and enjoy the beautiful days on the course!

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