Good morning world!

A different morning here in Key West. It is after 7. The sun is up. But I can’t see it. A total blanket of clouds.

And a strong wind. Coming down on us from the north west. A touch of the windy storm up north.

However, fear not! The cloud bank will lift and it will be another glorious Key West day. Temperature in the low 80s. Right now it is about 75.

The radio show yesterday went well. I love doing KONK 1680 AM radio.

I covered a multitude of current legal issues. From local to international.

The one that seemed to get the largest reaction/interest involved a local protestor who was arrested.

Freedom of speech involves putting up with a lot of crazy and disgusting things. We have a nut here in Key West who stands at a busy interesection with despicable signs. Like “God Hates You,” “God Hates Fags,” and “Santa is Taking Your Child to Hell.”

Me thinks his thought line lacks consistency.

In any event, he ended up in an altercation with a woman at a public christmas tree lighting in Key West while he was carrying the “Santa is Taking Your Child to Hell” sign. It is alleged he kicked the woman. He was arrested.

I spoke of the event on the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday. My point was that in a free society, if we wish to continue being free, we must tolerate such conduct.

I received a good reaction to the issue.

Bob from Boston telephoned into the show. He told me about a group from Missouri who traveled in a large group to Boston to protest in a similar fashion. He advised we should beware less they end up in Key West.

A Ms. Mack from Connecticut texted me constantly on the u stream site with her comments on the issue. She was at work and could not telephone. She was afraid her boss would catch her.

I even heard from Santa Claus. Some one texted in for several minutes expressing a humorous outrage against the sign carrying Key West protestor.

All in all, a good show. I thank those who listened to or watched the show. Come back next week. And those of you who could not be with me this week, try to join me next week on KONK 1680 AM radio.

Lisa’s sales are picking up dramatically with Christmas approaching. Her Key West internet department store may just make it. Key lime bunt cakes, fudge and Key West Lou t-shirts continue to be the big sellers. She is featuring some books on Key West lore. They are picking up in sales. Visit her site.

Syracuse won last night!

Beat Florida by 12 points.

Syracuse was ranked #6 and Florida #10 prior to the game. So a big game!

This could be the year!

Yesterday was day 1 of my diet. Not easy. But I made it! I was hungry all afternoon and into the evening.

It was also day 45 of no alcohol and cigarettes.

Deprivation big time! I may be a candidate for sainthood!

I never got out last night. I thought it best to eat in with the diet. Also, Syracuse was playing on TV at 9. So I telephoned Marty and told him he was on his own.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Key west Lou.
    Glad to hear that u are doiung good on the smoking and drinking part of your life.
    Diets at our age suck. Just cut back and eat what you know will not kill you. It's tough to train an old horse new things. when you dine out take half home for the next days lunch. As an Italian myself, I encourage you to feast on the Hollidays,we deserve it.

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