An interesting morning.

I was up early, as usual. I stepped outside. The sun was breaking over the water to the east. I could see the orange reflection in the water. I turned around. There was the white moon sitting in the sky to the west sending its white reflection running towards me on top of the water.

I was caught in between.

What a sight! God is good!

I spent the day yesterday working on my first radio show which is scheduled to open tomorrow-Thursday-on KONK 1680 AM radio. Homeless and the law is the topic of the day. Listen in! You will find it interesting and sometimes shocking!

Ally played soccer last night. I went over to watch. Four years old. She is good! And that is not just a grandfatherly recognition. She is focused. Runs fast. I could see her kick into high gear with her running when it was required. And she can kick the ball!

She even scored a goal!

Then to the Chart Room. Quiet after Fantasy Fest. Sheila and Dan there. We chatted about the parade. Sheila drove the pace car. Dan was driving a float. Good spots to do the parade from!

After Sheila left, Dan and I chatted about the homeless, banks and foreclosures. Dan is a banker. He will be a guest on the radio show when the topic is foreclosures.

I went to La Trattoria for dinner. Duval was crowded. Unusual at this time. Key West generally dies after Fantasy Fest till Christmas week. Except for this coming weekend when the Parrotheads arrive. Another story.

Anyhow, people were moving along the street in a joyous mood. And La Trattoria was full. People had a short wait for tables. The bar was packed. I was lucky to get an immediate seat.

Erin the bartender found the crowd unusual also.

Beecha was not there. Must have been her night off. I missed my hug and kiss.

I was home early. 9:30ish. Watched some election returns and fell asleep.

Tomorrow is the big day! My first radio show. Hope you will listen. 1 pm Eastern Standard Time. 1680 AM on Key West radio. Outside Key West and anywhere in the world, on the internet. Telephone questions/comments during the show can be made to 305-294-2769.

Enjoy your day!

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