I have returned!

Yesterday afternoon. Just in time for Pretenders and Toga Party last night.

It’s all in the scheduling!

Key West’s Fantasy Fest this year appears to be one of the best ever. Thursday night is the big night from my perspective. Even better than the Saturday night float parade.

The two main events on Thursday are Pretenders in Paradise at the Pier House Resort and Sloppy Joe’s Toga Party.

I hit Pretenders first last night. It is a gala affair! The grounds are crowded. Costumes galore. Beads on everyone.

A stage was set on the beach just off the ocean.

The music last night was arranged and directed by Larry Smith. The Pier House is his domain.

Featured was the music of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Band members included the fabulous voice of Kathleen Peace. Love her singing! And Christine Cardone. Love her singinging also! Kim Wroble and Chris Burchard in support. And the premier drummer and good heart, Skipper Kripitz.

The show itself was absolutely spectacular. Costumes extraordinaire. Very extravagant. The headpieces defy description. Ten to fifteen feet tall.

After enjoying Pretenders, it was time to walk the two blocks to Sloppy Joe’s. I am a voyeur at heart and look forward to the Toga Party every year.

It was impossible to get into Sloppy Joe’s. They were falling out of the windows and doorways. But the street in front was crowded as usual. Crowded does not aptly describe the scene. Jam packed is better.

And in that bevy of humanity were small pockets of people surrounding some lovely female wearing nothing but her white toga. The game is for the toga clad lady to expose her privates. But not for nothing. Beads are the coin of the evening. The more intimate the body part shown, the more beads required.

A fun time! An adult time!

You have to see it to believe it!

Only in Key West!

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  1. So, I'm probably not the reader you're expecting — I'm a 39-year-old female living in NYC. But I stumbled on your site a while back and now I'm hooked. I love Key West and try to visit a few times every year, and I really enjoy your daily descriptions of life there, along with your always-sunny (pun intended!) outlook on life. Your daughter (and grandkids) are very lucky to have you nearby.

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