I awoke at precisely the right moment this morning. A bright orange sun breaking over the water!

Yesterday was relatively quiet. I cannot do two big days in a row.

Halloween is upon us. I had to get something for the grandkids. I ended up buying each one a Halloween card. And for the both of them, a chocolate house they had to construct. Like the Christmas cookie ones.

The cards were musical. Well, sort of. Each made scary sounds.

In the store, the noise was at an accaptable level. The store was large and the sound disipated. Home in their kitchen, the noise was blasting! Ghosts and goblins screaming!

Robert and Ally kept opening and playing their musical cards constantly. Lisa and Corey were looking at me strangely. I realized the cards were a mistake. The noise was horrendous! But the grandkids loved them!

I could not handle Fantasy Fest last night. Too much two nights in a row. So I went to Hogfish to have dinner. I suspected the place would be empty. Every one would be in downtown Key West partying rather than in downtown Stock Island dining.

I was correct. Very few people at Hogfish. I had a quiet dinner and read the newspapers.

And then home to an early bed.

Tonight may be different for me, however. We shall see.

Back to Terri White.

By now most of you are aware that Finian’s Rainbow which opened Thursday night on Broadway is a success. Rave reviews! From the New York Times, Bloomberg News, New York Daily News, New York Post, USA Today, Associated Press and on and on.

And Terri received special laudatory comment in several of the reviews.

Tuesday’s New York Times story of Terri’s homelessness a year ago to Broadway stardom this week found its way to television news. Last evening Terri appeared on CBS. On Katie Couric’s show. I cried as I watched Terri’s story being told.

You broke a leg, Terri! In life and on Broadway! God love you! He does!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou ~
    Happy Halloween to you!
    Here's sending hopeful wishes that all little hob-goblins have a most wonderful Halloween, too!
    Also a toast cheering all those neat little tiny ghostly brass-ringed crevices in the wonderful old wooden bar with the brass foot-rail…spooky yet sentimental.

  2. hi lou! gary and tecia from oswego here. was at one of your old haunts yesterday and thought of you right away! does the varsity pizza and sandwich shop ring a bell? thought so….. c u soon my friend!

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