Some things are a big deal! Some people are!

Terri White is!

Terri opens tonight in a starring role in a new Broadway musical. A revival of the 1947 success Finian’s Rainbow.

Tuesday a major article appeared on page 1 of the N.Y. Region section of the New York Times. It was about our Terri White!

The article is written by Susan Dominus. Interestingly, I knew her mother.

The story basically traces Terri’s early Broadway successes, then her fall into poverty, her becoming a homeless person and sleeping in Washington Square Park. Then Terri’s trip to Key West last year and a job singing at the Keys Piano Bar.

While singing in Key West, she met my dear friend Donna Barnett. They fell in love. They are being united in a partnership marriage Sunday on the stage of the Broadway theater where Terri is appearing.

Love them both!

But this is more Terri’s story. Success, a fall and then a climb back to the heights.

Of Terri’s singing in Finian’s Rainbow, Susan Dominus describes it as “…one of the crucial moments in musical theater.”

Good luck tonight, Terri! Break a leg!

And good luck to both Terri and Donna Sunday when they marry! And for the rest of their lives!

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