It has been pouring rain for the past 10 minutes. Big time! Heavy!

Which raises the question in my mind as to how people get to work. Many Key Westers do not have cars. They are not needed. The island is small. They ride bikes to work and everywhere else.

It is going to be tough riding a bike to work in the rain this morning!

And then there are those who have mopeds. No cars, either. They would have a similar problem in a rain storm.

The rain is beautiful, however. I am looking out my open window. It is gray and cool. Clean. Sounds good, too.

Yesterday started with a visit from Lisa and the family in the morning.

Lisa telephones me every morning around seven to make sure I am alive and well. Yesterday morning I did not answer the telephone. It was always some where else from me when it rang or I was too lazy to get up to get it.

A mistake!

Lisa panicked and thought something bad had happened. So they all showed up! After a proper and well deserved chastising from my daughter, I enjoyed their company for a second breakfast.

I must interject and repeat myself. The rain is absolutely beautiful this morning! It is now raining even harder and blowing a clean cool breeze in the window.

I spent the better part of the afternoon at Don’s Place watching pro football and socializing. Philadelphia got whipped big time! I was surprised. Kolb started well throwing. I think the real problem was Philadelphia’s defense. That which it had last week was missing this week!

The fact that Donovan McNabb was benched with a broken rib did not help. Next week Vicks gets to play. It will be interesting!

It just thundered big time! This is a hell of a storm. The streets will be flooded.

Syracuse played Saturday night. They won their first game of the season. Hooray! Beat Northwestern by 3 points. A field goal did it with seconds remaining in the game.

Syracuse has not had a good football team since Donovan McNabb left. However, we are rebuilding. A new coach and a new spirit. We should be a significant winner in 3-4 years and hopefully a national contender again in 5-6.

I was at the Syracuse University Law School in 1959 when Ernie Davis played and Syracuse went undefeated and was first in the country. An experience!

I was tired when I left Don’s Place yesterday afternoon. Stopped at Lisa’s and read the Sunday papers. Then I went home.

I never went out last night. I continued to be tired. So I said screw it and went to bed and watched TV all evening.

It has stopped raining. The sun is shinning. It will shortly be vey humid. That is Key West!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mr. P.,

    I found your blog over the weekend and have enjoyed your stories of Key West. They make me wish we were back there!

    We lived in KW for 6 years before returning to the mainland. Worked with Lisa and Corey at the museum. Please give them my best!


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