It stays dark in the morning longer. The sun rises later. We are moving into Fall.

The temperature does not reflect it though. It is still 88-92 here in Key West. And humid! September is the hotest month of the year.

I wrote a letter yesterday. By hand. A lost art!

My father is 95. His sister Mary will be 100 on Saturday. She lives in New York City.

What to send her to reflect the occasion? No gift seemed appropriate.

So I wrote Aunt Mary a letter. From my perspective, a very personal thing. And hopefully will be well received as such.

I rarely hand write a letter these days. Most of us do not. E mailing is easier and now common. However, I doubt Aunt Mary is into the internet.

I have special stationery with my personal letterhead. I use to hand write letters to special people on special occasions years ago. This one to Aunt Mary is the first in many a year. It has been so long that I had to conduct a search to find the box of stationery.

I wish Aunt Mary a Happy Birthday on this her 100th! I hope she appreciates my letter. Excuse me for not sharing its contents with you. They are for her eyes alone.

Then I was off to the Post Office to mail Aunt Mary’s letter. I must have hit it at the right time. It was not crowded. Unusual.

It was lunch time. The old Paradise Cafe was nearby. So there I went. I did not realize it was a while that I had not been there till I bit into my cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. So good!

I had some business in Big Pine in the afternoon. Big Pine is about 30 miles north of Key West. Straight up route 1.

I enjoyed the drive each way. Ocean on both sides of the road. As far as the eye could see!

I put the top down on the car, threw on a baseball cap and was on my way!

For some reason, I was tired again last night. Perhaps it was too much sun on the drive. Anyhow, I decided to stay in. Which was a mistake!

I fell asleep early. Too early. Around 7.

I woke at 1 am and have been up ever since!

Some days you just can’t win! Nights, that is!

The moral of the story is stay up late, have a few drinks, enjoy the company of others and go to bed at an adult time!

Enjoy your day!

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