I hung around the house yesterday morning doing nothing.

Lunched at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally were terrific. They had a friend over and were playing house.

A picture of Corey and Robert appeared in Conch Color this past week. It was taken at soccer practice. A good looking Dad with a good looking Son!

I walked Duval afterwards. Parked my car at Square One and walked west towards the Gulf. From La Trattoria to Front Street motorcycles were parked on both sides of the street. And what bikes! The best that money can buy!

Duval is closed off for the weekend. Bikers and their lady friends walking the street. Mixed in with some normal type tourists. Stands selling tee shirts and hot dogs. Beer every where.

It was humid. The temperaturee had to be 20 degrees warmer in the area where the bikes were parked. It was a mass of humanity!

Some one set a tent up in front of the Red Garter. Breasts were being spray painted at $75 a pair. Business was booming! Women were walking Duval proudly exhibiting their spray painted wares!

The Chart Room had a good crowd last night. I drank and chatted a bit with Marty, Frank and Sean.

And then Mike and Tina showed up!

Mike and Tina are friends I met several weeks ago at La Trattoria. They are from Hartford, Connecticut. They own a second home here in Key West. They were back down for a few days.

Tina and I had an interesting conversation. She was born in Naples. Not Florida. Italy.

My father’s people came from Naples. My Mother was born in Foggia, which is on the east coast of Italy.

Mike and Tina are nice people.

Marty and I headed for the Berlin Bar at the A&B Lobster House. The place was packed! Standing room only. People waiting for tables. The customers were primarily bikers.

Marty and I lucked out. We were able to quickly grab 2 seats at the bar.

A&B had to do 2 months business in one evening last night.

After dinner, we went to the Keys Piano Bar. It was dead! Amazing! I went across the street to La Te Da. Dead, also!

It is the difference in which end of Duval Street you are at a particular time. The Poker Run centers itself on the tourist end of Duval. The bikers did not make their way to the quieter end of Duval where the Keys Piano Bar and La Te Da are located.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays! The newspapers, Meet the Press, pro football at Don’s Place, the Gardens tonight. What could be better!

As Porky Pig of old was wrought to say…..That’s all for now folks!

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  1. Hey Lou, Syracuse won there 1st game yestyerday. I remember all the game we saqw at you Box at the Dome in the old days. Thanks for all the good times

  2. KW Lou – Just like "the Boss", The 'Cuse win last night immediately reminded me of you as well! Your incredible support of Syracuse University helped put the Law School and University where they are today. You must be proud of your contributions! Your pledges always became reality, not just hollow words.

    SU Could always count on YOU, Key West Lou!

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