Ted Kennedy. Rest in Peace.

You live long enough, you feel a part of history. I voted for Jack Kennedy for President. I worked for Robert Kennedy’s election as a U.S. Senator. I observed Ted Kennedy’s development from playboy to statesman.

The Kennedy era is ended. Yes, their children and grandchildren may enter public life. But it will not be the same. Something special has moved on.

A return to my mundane life.

Yesterday started with a haircut. It was Lori time! A pleasant lady. She does her work at Blown Away which is on Southard, just off Duval.

I walked Duval afterwards. From the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. It was hot and humid. I am on a new health kick again. Eat and drink less and exercise more.

Key West is relatively quiet this week. Generally is. It is the week before school starts. Families are getting ready for school rather than vacationing.

I stopped for water at the Pier House Beach Bar. Read the newspapers there also. I was the only one at the bar. It was that quiet in town!

I was driving to the Chart Room last night when Marty called. He was hung up taking a hearing. We had intended to have dinner together. I told him I would wait for him.

The beach may have been empty at the Pier House during the day. The Chart Room at the Pier House at night was not. People still drink.

I waited for Marty till 8:30. During that time I chatted with Che, Dan and Captain Peter. Then Gary and Tecia came in. My new found friends from Oswego, New York. They work over at Fort Zach park mornings.

Gary was wearing a Syracuse University tee shirt. Good guy, Gary! It is nice to have another Orange fan here in Key West.

Marty never made it. I gave up waiting at 8:30. My stomach was growling. Left him a message I would be at La Trattoria.

He never showed up.

La Trattoria was slow also. I enjoyed Erin’s company and that of some patrons at the bar.

And then home to bed.

Golf this morning! Good! As usual, I am anxious to play.

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Gary And Tecia??!! What kind of characters are you hanging around with??!! Boy, wait til you meet the rest rest of the gang!! See Ya, Patrick and JoAnn

  2. you see that lou? patrick,my friend, sounds like he is picking on us. he and joanne are great friends and are looking for a place for jan,feb and march. any suggestions? gary and tecia.

  3. Lou,
    I adore the Kennedys, too. I rode my bicycle to to Vultee Boulevard with my friends to see President Kennedy being driven to Vanderbilt University from Nashville's airport in a big shiny (top down) convertible. First, the red hair and then the big white teeth…no disrespect but the TV aspect of seeing him reminded us of Woody Woodpecker. Suddenly the car stops and we realize that the President of the USA is going to shake our hands! Mine are sticky from a banana popsicle. He doesn't seem to mind or notice; I'll never know which it was but the moment is freeze-framed in my mind and it only made the grief that much deeper. And, Lou, "we are the better for having known them" I believe.

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