Summer is terrific in Key West!

Hot and humid!

The humidity can become a bit too much on occasion when there is no breeze. But that is seldom since Key West is a small island and there generally is an ocean breeze.

Yesterday was a hot and humid day. But with a breeze!

I played golf with Don. Only Don. We were the only persons who showed up to play.

Larry was in the hospital having shoulder replacement surgery. Yankee Jack is in Maine doing a gig. Randy has not showed up in 2 weeks. Aaron wanted to play later. Everyone else is up north.

So it was me and Don.

Don is an excellent golfer. I suck. We played a money game.

He started off giving me a stroke a hole, except for the par 3s. At the end of the first nine, Don had won 7 holes. Being a gentleman, Don gave me 2 strokes a hole on the back side. I needed them!

It was enough to stop the blood letting. I was able to win a couple of holes on the back side and tie most of the others.

In the end, I only lost $5 to Don. It was his genrosity on the back side that saved my ass.

To place the entire round in perspective, Don shot a 76 and I a 115.

I had fun, though!

Last night was dinner with Lisa and the grandkids. At Lisa’s home. Corey is out of town for a few days on business.

Robert and Ally are all wound up over school. They started back this week.

I was home in bed early. No drinking. Never went out, other than dinner at Lisa’s.

I hate it when a person of prominence passes on. The mourning lasts several days and we are all a part of it. I feel drained over Ted Kennedy’s passing.

MSNBC had a one hour special on the 4 Kennedy brothers prepared for showing tonight. Due to Ted Kennedy’s death, they ran the show last night at 9. A Chris Matthews special. Outstanding! If you missed the special, look for it on the reruns.

I am up early again. Still dark outside. I love the black of eary morning before the sun rises. Nothing can be seen. The only sound is the passing ocean.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hey lou, would you post any undates on larrys surgery. i am a friend and out of town and would like to know how he is doing. thanks.l

  2. Hey Lou,

    First off whoever picks on your grammer irritates me…at least you post this blog.

    Second, I just wanted you to know I stumbled onto your blog by checking to see of hurricane bill would hit key west. You came up first on google. My husband and I were headed to key west to celebrate a milestone birthday for me. I continued to follow your blog and traced your steps to some nice meals and friendly folks. I don't think we ever saw you, but it was fun doing the things you do daily. Thank you! Your experience really enhanced our trip and I am now addicted to your site. 🙂

  3. Hi Lou,
    I too stumbled onto your blog…not even sure how it was I found it but have always had an interest in Key West, though I've never been.
    After reading pretty near your entire blog I can say I envy your life style. Sounds like you have been very much enjoying your retirement.
    I also saw your reference to the islandshoegirl and enjoy reading her blog. Have forwarded the link to my daughter who is also a big shoe person.
    Thanks for the glimpse into life on Key West.

    Rich of Massachusetts

  4. Lou: Tell that Anonymous guy that he has to go back to school, too. Grammer is grammar in my book. And furthermore, what's wrong with your readers demanding excellence? You seem to be around excellence all the time.

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