I am up late this morning. Overslept!

Yesterday was a pleasant day.

I had lunch at Blossom’s and read the newspapers.

Then to Borders for some further reading. I am into a World War II book about the interpersonal relationships amongst Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. The book covers their meetings and communications. Each was playing head games with the others. Most interesting.

Last night my first stop was the Chart Room. No Marty. He deserted me.

However, Jean and Shiela were there. Much better company. And more pleasant to look at.

Afterwards I walked over to Kelley’s for wings.

And then home to bed.

A good Key West day.

Condoms are for safe sex. There are places in this world where they should be used and are not.

One of those places is the Ukraine.The Ukraine has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world.

To induce condom use, a Ukrainian scientist invented music playing condoms. You heard me right!

The volume of the music depends on the intensity of the love making. The tone depends on the sexual position.

Only in America! No, only in the Ukraine!

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