A very pleasant Sunday yesterday!

Normally I do Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. However, Kathleen Peace was singing at the Gardens around dinner time and I did not want to miss her. So I did lunch with Lisa instead.

The thrill never leaves! When I open that door and Robert and Ally shout Poppa!

Lunch was good. The grandkids talked my ears off. Then I sat and read the Sunday papers and watched a bit of golf on TV. Lisa and I talked father/daughter stuff.

Afterwards, I stopped at Borders. Still reading Wolfe’s Renegade about the Obama election. I am at the point of the New Hamphire primary campaign. Hillary thinks she is going to lose. Obama and his team are confident. So confident they fail to do things they should have. Clinton has just had her tearful episode.

Even though I know the ending of the New Hampshire primary, it is exciting to read!

Layed around the rest of the afternoon watching some great golf. Perry was sharp! Enjoyed some precision shots!

Then to the Gardens! I was excited! Absolutely love Kathleen Peace’s voice!

One problem, however. Kathleen was not there! Instead Raven Cooper was. Something had happened to Kathleen and Raven was filling in for her.

I had only heard Raven sing once before. She did nothing for me. However, last night I thought she was spectacular! So did every one else! What a great evening of music!

Kate Miano reigned over the gathering. Her Gardens is so spectaular! As was she last night! She looked terrific!

Chatted with some other lovely ladies and gentleman, as well. And Marty, too! He showed up.

It was close weatherwise last night. You had to have breeze. Otherwise the humidity was a killer!

So Marty and I decided to have dinner at Southernmost’s Beachside Cafe. We determined first that there was a strong breeze coming off the Atlantic. Beachside is located on the Atlantic.

And we were right! The breeze and weather were perfect! Also, the view! What a sight sitting out there on the open ocean!

We also got an added bonus! There was a small wedding on the beach with the reception on the beach also. A beautiful young bride and wedding party. A lovely white tent. A happy family occasion.

That was my Sunday. Not bad! Actually quite good!

Enjoy your day!

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