A day of rest! Read the papers! Lay around! Love it!

Yesterday it rained again. Off and on. When it rains in the keys, it is a minor monson for about 10 minutes. Comes in fast and leaves just as fast. But when it is coming down, watch out!

I had gone to Hogfish for lunch. I was sitting under the thastched roof. All of a sudden, the rain blew in. Fortunately the roof covered me sufficiently.

Just as I climbed into bed Friday night, I received a telephone call from Susan. I had not heard from her in several months. She told me that she and her husband Merle were at the Wine Galley talking with Larry Smith. We had apparently just missed each other. She said it was time to have dinner together again. So last night I was their guest at La Trattoria.

Nice people! Interesting people!

Merle is 70. Susan 60. Married 15 years. Second marriages for both.

Merle is an economist. He is an economic loss expert and testifies in lawsuits. Susan is a psychologist. She has her own practice.

They live in Stuart. Own a second home in Truman Annex. They love Key West!

We had a perfect evening! The conversation was far reaching, interesting and in many instances humorous. The food great! And my bartender friend Kathy was waiting tables last night and waited on us!

After dinner, it was still early. So I stopped at the Chart Room. No one there, except Michael the bartender. I had a diet coke and chatted with him for a while. Then home to bed.

Still dark outside. I am up early. The sun is not. The sun’s sleeping patterns are more consistent than mine!

Kathleen Peace is singing tonight at the Gardens. Kathleen is one of my favorite female singers in
Key West. An explosive voice! It will be a fantastic evening!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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