Happy Father’s Day!

We deserve the Day!

Soon Lisa and the grandkids will be calling to wish me a happy day! And I will soon be calling my father. 95 years old! I hope he is around when he is 100 so I can do the same at that time!

I am a golf freak! Totally hooked on the U.S. Open!

I stayed in all day yesterday watching the tournament. Too bad it is raining so bad. Screws up what otherwise should and would be an extreme game of skill. The weather does not help reveal the better player necessarily. A lot of luck becomes involved. That is not to say, however, that some golfers do not play better in the rain. And that is a skill in itself.

Some horses run better on a wet track. They are mudders. Some golfers seem to excell on a wet course. Don’t know what they are called. However, one of them is Mike Wier. And he is near the top of the board!

Tiger played well yesterday. However his putting is not yet what it was. And is probably the difference for him. Also, he was having difficulty yesterday staying in the fairway.
The second cut appears horrendous!

Lisa came over in the afternoon with the grandkids. I reluctantly took time off from the TV to swim with them. Fun!

Between the end of the second round and the start of the third, I got involved in an old movie. Grease. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Made in 1978.

Travolta was thin! Very thin! Newton-John lovely! The music fantastic!

Back in the 1975, some threee years prior to the making of Grease, I had the privilege of meeting Olivia Newton-John.

I had a condo at the Jockey Club in Miami at the time. The bar was a friendly group each night. Every one knew every one!

One evening someone said lets go to the Fontainbleu. Olivia Newton-John is singing there. I knew little about her. Knew she was a new singer. From Australia. Not sure if I had ever heard her sing.

Four of us decided to go and off we went!

Turns out one of the four knew her and apparently knew some one at the Fontainbleu. We walked right into the show room without paying. Were escorted to the best table in the house. And enjoyed a spectacular evening of singing by the lovely Olivia Newton-John!

Afterwards we were escorted back stage to her dressing room. I had the pleasure of meeting her. One of my friends obviously knew her well. She was gracious and charming. A bit reticient. A young lady on her way up!

An enjoyable experience.

And 3 years later she is co-starring with John Travolta in the biggest movie of the year! Grease!

She made it to the top! Good girl!

Lisa, Corey and the grandkids just called to wish me a happy father’s day! Love them!

We are doing breakfast together this morning to celebrate the occasion. At Camille’s. It will be fun!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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