Rained like hell yesterday! Right up to dinner time. I had to wear a slicker when I went out last night.

We are into the rainy season in the keys. This morning looks good. Over cast, but the sun breaking through. A cool breeze.

The rain kept me in all day. I would have stayed in any how. So the rain is not an excuse. I had paper work to do.

Last night was a quiet one. Not too many people out and about. The rain kept the hordes in.

Stopped for a moment at the Chart Room. Saw Marty and Captain Peter. Then off to the Hot Tin Roof for a light dinner at the bar.

Met some fascinating people at the bar. Tourists. From all over. Good conversations.

Then home to an early bed again.

Yesterday was an unforunate one. A double death. Two celebraties who impacted the world! Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

I was never a big Jackson fan. A question of taste. He and his music did nothing for me. A personal thing. However, he touched many in the world! Yes, world! As is evidenced by the reaction to the news of his death. He was a talent, a cult figure.

Farrah Fawcvett I liked! Enjoyed! A beauty. Charlie’s Angels star! Loved her smile! Loved her hair!

I don’t think she ever achieved the notoriety and following of Michael Jackson. But, she was up there! Her cancer death touched the world.

Two earthly stars are now in the sky! Shining on all of us to the end of time!

I am out of food. So I cannot have breakfast in this morning. Have to grocery shop! Breakfast will shortly be at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast and coffee. Wish you were here to join me!

Have a good day!

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