The weather! Plays a big part in our lives.

The weather!

Plays a big part in our lives.

Yesterday, I commented on two days of wind and rain. Observed that it was coming from the south and moving north. It did. I suspect Key West’s unusual stormy weather was in some fashion connected with the nor’ easter which hit the north Atlantic states late yesterday. Snow. Big time! Like 8 plus inches in Jamestown, NY.

The sun came out towards the end of the afternoon yesterday in Key West. Temperature was in the low 70s. Warm for you northerners, cold for us in South Florida. It did not make any difference to my grandchildren. Robert and Ally showed up with Mom and Dad around 4 to swim. Crazy.

Sloan visited me for a couple of hours yesterday morning. We worked hard on all the things we are doing to expand this site. I would never have been able to do this alone. I would not even have known where to start.

I appreciate there are a lot of screw ups. Bear with me. We’ll have it down and correct in due course.

The balance of the day was spent researching and writing.

Solares Hill is a weekly publication. It comes with the Sunday Key West Citizen as  an enclosure. There is a column entitled Soundings by Mark Howell. An interesting column. I would describe it as a conglomeration of useless and little known information. I enjoy reading the column. Occasionally, I come across something to be shared.

Recently, Soundings commented on the coming Republican convention this summer. It is being held in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa officials issued a list of items considered security threats and prohibited at the convention. Included were water pistols, masks, and pieces of string. Not on the list were firearms. Why?  You can pack a concealed gun in Florida. It is legal. Florida law prohibits local restriction on the right to carry arms.

Perfectly legal. The Supreme Court said so some time ago. The Second amendment is to be upheld, with little if any restriction.

An inevitable scenario will develop. At some point in the near future, persons will walk around with a gun belt and gun on their hips. Shoot ’ems will occur. Like in the Old West and prohibition days of the 1930s.

Again why? Because the Supreme Court said it is ok to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise. Literal Constitutional interpretation overcame the need for reasonable restriction.

I got out for dinner. At Lisa’s. Mashed potatoes covered with gravy for me. Not bad. A change from blender created food.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “The weather! Plays a big part in our lives.

  1. Actually the previous weather front moved from west to east and as it moved east into the Atlantic did help cause the problems in the New England called a Nor-easter.. As the front passed it will bring a slight cold front with the wind continuing to come from the northwest for the remainder of the day.. I wish I had read your ' weather forecast ' yesterday..
    As for the 2nd Amendment statements, its good to see the SCOTUS do the right thing.. Remember the 1946 War for Athens Tenn. .. I doubt the days of the 'old west' and the lawlessness will happen.. The fact is, the 'lawless West ' had a far less killing/murder rate than the eastern cities.. Patrick

  2. Lou–
    Prohibiting people from owning and carrying firearms is not "reasonable restriction". In fact, it's quite unreasonable. Ownership of guns has already been guaranteed by the Second Amendment and I believe the carrying of guns will eventually reach the same plateau.

    You have to keep in mind, this is not so people can run around shooting other people indiscriminately. Only criminals do that, and they do it now, irrespective of any existing laws. Government has been nibbling away at our liberty for quite some time now, and ownership of firearms is one of the last bastions of individual freedom. The greatest fear of big, over-reaching government is an armed citizenry.

    I might add, that's also the greatest fear of street thugs.

  3. It is a sad indictment for our nation if to feel safe we all must be armed to the teeth. I can understand the need for firearms in a lawless frontier land circa America in the late 18th and portions of the 19th century. But in a "civilized" society they should be unnecessary. Obviously, we are neither as free a people as we pretend, as real a democracy as we proclaim nor as civilized as we say we are. In fact, we are terrified of each other, our government and the fact that capitalism is ripe with corruption as is socialism or any big market or government "ism".

    Perhaps only in localized communities will we find safety and happiness. As a retired copy who was required to master firearms as tolls of my trade, I shudder when I see many of the idiots armed to the teeth around here. Add in some booze and we have always had some great times with "responsible" second amendment proponents, especially after they beat-up their wives/girl friends or brandished the weapons for all to see and proclaimed themselves Moses for the night.

  4. Gun and handgun sales have risen sharply over the past few years and its women who are buying the most handguns.. I find that interesting and good as long as they learn how to properly use them.. Patrick

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