I got hacked last night.

I got hacked last night. It was limited to my p0221 Yahoo address. It was enough. Sorry. However these things happen.

The problem was cleared up last night as soon as discovered. It is ok to write me at p0221 Yahoo. Again, my apologies.

As in the world itself, there are nuts out there who have nothing better to do than cause havoc. The admonition Get A Life applies to such persons.

Spent my entire yesterday home. Never went out. My day was devoted to writing. Since I did not finish till around 8, my evening became a home one also.

My appetite was ravenous after a day’s work. I am still married to the blender. Everything blended thus far has had at the very least an acceptable taste to it. Not last night.

I blended two cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli.

I keep the product in my home because (1) I like it, crazy as that may be, and (2) it is a quick meal to prepare.

The blended result was bad. I could not consume even half it. So bad that I probably will never eat Chef Boyardee again.

Donna emailed me yesterday. She and Terri have arrived in Los Angeles. She described their appartment. Marvelous! She told me that the view from the apartment is of the HOLLYWOOD sign in the distance and Silver Lake. Terri starts rehearsal Friday for the west coast opening of Follies.

Remember that cold front I mentioned coming in Saturday. It is still here. Sixty nine this morning. With a sharp cold 20 mph wind. The weather is scheduled to turn this afternoon. Temperatures in the mid to high 70s which will remain.

I read some where this morning that the cold front is not exactly like Siberia, but cold it is!

I know. The north east is buried in snow. We all suffer. I have to laugh. I complain about 70 degree weather and people up north are freezing.

That’s it. The message for today. Do not blend Chef Boyardee Ravioli and stay out of the cold.

Enjoy your day!

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