I am sitting outside this morning as I write the blog. It is about eight o’clock. Today is a mixed bag. Sky cloudy and blue. There is a minimal breeze. The water is moving along slowly. The temperature comfortable.

The cold front left Key West yesterday. It was warm again. Even last night. I was able to sleep with the windows open.

Yesterday was Sunday morning. I was up bright and early working. Sloan arrived at nine. We worked a couple of hours together.

In the afternoon, it was Don’s Place. Pro football time. Chatted with Don and David. Bocce. What else?

The three of us were still on a high from Saturday’s playoffs.

Cheryl and Roger were at Don’s Place. Snowbirds from Kankakee, Illinois. Good friends with all and to all. They both were at the playoffs Saturday afternoon. They sat in the boiling sun to watch us play. Good people.

Dinner was at Lisa’s last night. I enjoy Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. Lisa has improved as a cook with time. Worthy of the title of Chef. I told her such. She beamed with pride.

Lisa told me her Internet department store Via Key West is doing a big business this Christmas time. Her best season ever! You may wish to check her department store site to see if there any Key West type Christmas gifts you might want to purchase. http://www.viakeywest.com/.

It is a small world! There was an article on the front page of the Key West Citizen yesterday about Jack Scorby. He was stationed in Key West many years ago as a Naval lieutenant and aviator. He returned this week as a Rear Admiral in charge of the Navy South East Region which includes Key West and runs from Texas to Guantanamo.

What makes it an even smaller world, is that Scorby’s home town is Manlius, New York. Manlius is just outside Syracuse. About 35 miles from Utica. I know the area well.

I have to say that I have saved the best to last.

A fellow by the name of Flamethrower commented on yesterday’s blog. It was a nice comment. Congratulatory regarding our bocce ssuccess.

I googled Flamethrower. Turns out he is known as Papa Flamethrower. He and his wife are apparently Key West fans. My sense is they live in the St. Louis area. Flamethrower and his wife were in the process of working on a 1000 piece puzzle which was a giant Key West cartoon.

Flamethrower also writes a blog! A daily one as I do. I found the  blog interesting and plan to read it from now on. I recommend it to you. http://www.flamethrower.wordpress.com/.

Flamethrower commented in his blog on my blog and our team’s bocce success. He suggested that his followers read my blog also.

A new friend has been made! I hope Flamethrower lets me know when next he will be visiting Key West. I want to meet he and his wife.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Instead of 'worldpress', try 'wordpress'.

    Anyway, thanks Lou for the kind words. I wish my blog was as interesting as yours as you have so many irons in the proverbial fire!

    Alas, my world is the Yin to your Yang. Will certainly be in touch whenever we plan our next trip to the island. Drinks on us at the Chart Room!

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