The drums roared. The band played. The sun shone. God looked down favorably upon us.

We did good in the bocce playoffs yesterday!

We won one of three games. Lost two. That means we were eliminated from the playoffs. However, each game was competitive. We could have won all three.

Let me put everything in perspective.

Three years ago, we were last in the Thursday night league. Last year we were fourth. We made the playoffs. We went into the playoffs and lost the first two games. We did not score even one point in either game. 16-0 was the score of each game.

This year we finished third in our league. We won the first game in the playoffs. We lost the last two by a close margin. We were competitive. The team we played last night was # 2 in the Monday night league. They  lost only two games all year.

What does this prove? That we can play. Finally! We can play anyone! Whether in the Thursday night league or the playoffs.

Next year we will be back and do better!

We were excited and on a high after the match. Especially our Captain, David. He puts his heart and soul  into his responsibilities with the team. I was especially glad for him that we did well.

As for the Christmas parade, I never made it. Bocce finished too late for me. By the time I would have driven  home, changed my clothes and returned, found a parking spot, etc., the parade would have almost been over. The parade was not to be for me last night.

Have a terrific Sunday!

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  1. Congrats on Bocce! Your squad is certainly trending up and now that you all know how to win, next season will be highly anticipated. If you have any pics from the playoffs, please post!

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