I spent yesterday morning outside again. Sat under the Tiki hut. The weather was magnificent. I did some research for Friday’s Internet show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Let me share with you some of the things I came up with, some of the topics that will be discussed Friday.

Pervert of the week. An 81-year-old Fort Lauderdale man who went door to door advising women he was a physician. He was giving free breast exams. Finally arrested, of course.

The recent Egyptian elections. I stated on the show and in writing several months ago to beware of the Egyptian protests and revolution. My point was that we knew what we had in our Mubarak. We did not know what we would be getting with any one or group new. Egyptian elections were recently held for the first time since the revolution. The Islamic faction received the largest number of votes. They will lead to a coalition government which is being formed. Mubarak kept the Islamic faction down while he held office. He was fearful of a religious state.The Islamic faction claims they will not enforce a religious state. Good luck!

A Pakistani model posed nude in an Indian magazine. Upset the Islamists in Pakistan. The religious group claimed it was an insult to their religion and an insult to their nationality. Remember, there have been three wars between Pakistan and India in recent history up. The model has a problem.
Saudi Arabia is trying to come into the 21st century. I sometimes think they are trying to make it to the 19th century. Be that as it may, a report came out this past week from Saudi Arabia that female driving continues to be a problem for the male population. The Islamic nation prohibits females from driving. The government is trying to modernize and provide rights to the female population. However the religious faction, which is THE faction, claims that permitting women to drive will encourage premarital sex. To such a degree that the male population will not have virgin brides available to them.

A couple at a water park somewhere in Poland had sex. They removed their clothes and commenced their sexual activity on top of the water slide. They continued the sexual encounter as they rode down the slide in a small  boat. Security cameras caught it all. The couple were arrested when they reached the bottom of the slide. They were ejected from the park without their clothes. A shade of the mile high club. The scenerio was reported as the water slide high club.

Examples of what I look for when I research for the Internet show. I look for oddball things that have happened or are happening around the world and comment on them. Fridays at 10 AM, my time. Worldwide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

I did a good thing yesterday afternoon. I went to the gym. Did not work out. I wanted to make arrangements for a trainer.

I went to the Old Town Fitness Center on Truman. The same gym where I was boxing and doing the treadmill last year. I spoke with Courtney Aman. The workout guru. He is going to train me Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 2 PM. He says all I need is two times a week. We shall see.

Dinner was at Hogfish. Alone. I do not  mind being alone on some occasions. Especially at Hogfish. It is peaceful. I sit for a couple of hours, have a drink or two, a fish sandwich and read the local papers.

Tonight is Syracuse basketball! Syracuse is playing Marshall. Normally, I would expect this to be an easy  warm up preseason game for Syracuse. However, Marshall has a good team this year. The sports broadcasters suggest it is going to be a test for Syracuse.

I will definitely be at the Sports Page Bar at seven to watch the game. I plan on heading to the Chart Room about an hour before to prepare myself in mind and body for the game.
I misspelled the email address for Papa Flamethrower’s blog yesterday. Sorry. The correct address is http://www.papaflamethrower.wordpress.com/.
Enjoy your day!

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