Key West weather continues to be perfect. It has been so since December. A long run!

We are presently into the rainy season. A few times a day it will rain. The rain comes and goes swiftly. A storm lasts about 5 minutes. Then the sun returns as fast as it left. Sometimes it pours and the sun shines through it. An unusual sight!

The weather has been so good that I worry. I am concerned that we are going to have to pay. In the form of a hurricane. This is hurricane season and will remain so till the end of November.

I am a bit of a wet blanket at heart.

There is a new hurricane out there as I write this morning. Irene. It is heading our way. At present, it is a tropical storm. If it does hit the Florida keys, it is projected as a #1 in intensity. Nothing.

People are already talking about Irene. Even Lisa. Will it hit us? Will it be a problem?

You will recall Wilma was a disaster for Lisa and her family. And for most of Key West. The tidal wave covered most of Key West with 6 1/2 feet of water. In homes and cars. Mucho damage. Lisa and family had to move out. They lived in my home for a year while their home was being repaired.

Irene’s projected track will bring her right over us.

But, it is too early to tell anything with certainty. Hurricanes are fickle. Change speeds, change direction. At whim. So we will not really know till 24-48 hours before the storm arrives, if it will hit the Florida keys.

No one in Key West is worried.Though Irene has become a topic of conversation.

Lunch yesterday was at Harpoon Harry’s. Just me and the grandkids. A treat for Robert and Ally. A treat for me.

We drove over in the convertible with the top down. They loved it! They rode in  the back entrenched in car seats.

Ally wore big movie star type sun glasses. She loves to play the role!

Most of our lunch conversation concerned school. Both of them start tomorrow at Montessori. Robert in second grade and Ally in first. Ally was zeroing in on homework. Something which will be new to her.

They also got into divorce. That was a bit tricky. It was like having to explain sex to a child for the first time.

After lunch, we walked over to the water front. To visit the Turtle Museum. The Turtle Museum is operated by Mel Fisher Museum where Corey works. The grandkids have been there before. They knew Rick who is the museum host. They were familiar with a child’s game involving fish. They hurried over to it to play. I even joined them. They recognized their Dad’s several pictures on the walls and pointed them out to me.

The Turtle Museum is located in the old Key West turtle factory. Until the early 1970s, turtle soup and turtle steaks were produced there.

I visited with Lisa when I retuned Robert and Ally home. Then home for me.

I spent the first hour watching golf on TV. Then a nap.

I felt good yesterday. First time in a week.

Stayed in last night. Picked at some things from the refrigerator. Spent the balance of the evening writing.

Ally wakened me this morning with a telephone call. At 6:30. Would I have dinner with them tonight? I told her I did not know yet. She wanted to talk about school. So we talked. Rather, she talked and I listened.

Today is Sunday. Meet the Press and Chris Matthews. Then, I do not know. I promised myself I would start walking today. Lets hope I keep the promise.

My primary motivation obviously is good health. My grandfather walked every day 2-4 miles. He lived to 94. My father walked every day also till an aortic valve problem stopped it a couple of years ago. He is presntly 97.

Louis, walk!!!

Have a good Sunday!

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