Welcome to the center of the universe. Key West.

I think of Key West as such. It has and is everything…..to me. And some others.

Remember Charles Kuralt? He was the world famous CBS broadcaster. His life work was primarily dedicated to two successful TV shows.

First, On the Road. Kuralt traveled to out of the way places. Secluded places searching for odd ball stories. On the Road was aired as part of The Walter Cronkite Show for years.

Then there was Sunday Morning which Kuralt alone did for many more years.

Along the way, Kuralt discovered Key West. He visited here frequently. For more than his show. Key West became one of his places to hide, rekindle and refresh himself. When I first started visiting Key West regularly, I would frequently see Kuralt at the newspaper shop at the quiet end of Duval. The store now long gone. He would drop in to buy the morning papers as every one else. He would politely nod to every one. I always wanted to talk with him. But I dared not. It would have been an intrusion of his privacy.

Which brings me back around to Key West being the center of the universe.

I think it is. Kuralt refined it even more. He frequently was quoted as saying that Key West’s Schooner’s Wharf was the center of the universe. Schooner’s Wharf was a favorite Key West haunt of his.

I did The Key West Lou Legal hour world wide over the internet yesterday. The show received a surprisingly large number of post show comments. Three  topics attracted the most attention. The President and his vacation, Qantas and its orgastic video for late night flyers, and the woman who was shaving her privates while driving which resulted in an accident.

Every one agreed with my observation that the President should not be knocked for being on vacation. It is a working one. It could be no other for any President.

The Qantas thing was commneted on from a humorous perspective.

The woman shaving her privates was old hat. Caused some controversey. Several thought it was disgusting/tasteless to even talk about. All were women.

After the show, I hurried over to my doctor’s office. Flu shot time.

The flu shot is being given early this year. The reason is that there are two new strains and they will hit over a broader time span. So my friends, get your flu shots and get them early!

I skipped my usual friday men’s luncheon. I have felt sluggish all week. It was not in me to sit and banter yesterday. I felt a need for quiet. I went to Hogfish and had lunch alone. Just me and my newspaper. I sat on the water side. It was cool and beautiful. Enjoyed a lobster roll. The setting and meal were heavenly!

Last night was big! Dinner with Lisa and the family at TGIF. I ate what Robert and Ally had. A cheeseburger and fries. I arrived late. Robert and Ally spotted me coming in. They ran over and jumped on me showering me with hugs and kisses. What could be better!

Ally visited her new teacher yesterday. She starts first grade Monday. She was all excited and talkative about the visit. The biggest thing was she now has a locker. Her own one!

I periodically take the grandkids to breakfast or lunch alone. No parents. Today is one of those days. We are lunching. I asked them where and they said almost in unison, Harpoon Harry’s. So it shall be.

I slept extremely well last night. First time in a week. I feel like I could conquer the world this morning. I hope the tired sluggish feeling is behind me.

Enjoy your day!

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