Ally starts first grade today.

Big! Especially from her perspective!

This means a change in schools for her. Ally did pre school and kindergarten at Montessori. She is entering first grade at Montessori also. But in a different building several blocks away.

She has that big girl feeling!

Ally spent two hours last night laying out her clothes for today. Should I wear this? Or, maybe this? So it went. Typical female. And only 6 years old!

She telephoned me this morning. Very early again. A few minutes before 7. Poppa, I start first grade today! Like I did not know.

I can’t wait to speak with her when she returns home this afteroon. She has insructions to telephone me immediately. I want to know all about her day.

There is another woman in  my life. In all our lives here in the Florida keys. Irene.

I told you hurricanes were fickle. As I write, Irene is bombarding Puerto Rico as a 2. She was only to be a tropical storm at this point. Irene is now projected as a 2 when it hits Florida. It was supposed to be a 1.

Will it pass over us here in Key West? The projected track continues to indicate so. But…..the track is slanting upwards to the right a bit. If it continues in that fashuion, we will only experience a lot of rain and big wind.

Who knows? The local talk is increasing. No one yet is taking Irene seriouisly. Though I will admit I am starting to get that squeamish feeling in my stomach. Landfall for us is only three days away.

I finally walked yesterday!

Not as I had intended. But I did move about.

I walked inside my home. It was late in the morning and I was getting no where in moving my butt out of the house. So I walked the first floor for a half hour. Briskly. The floor is tiled through out. It was easy. Had the TV going in the lving room. Talked on the cell phone. The air conditioning was on.

It was not bad at all. I was a bit winded at the end. Raised a so so sweat, also.

Lisa and family came over to swim in the afternoon. Robert and Ally went crazy in the pool. Ally talkative about school today.

I had dinner last night with Key West’s Golden Girl. Jean Thornton. She emailed me earlier in the day and asked me to join her at La Trattoria at 7. It was me, Jean and Kathy. Kathy is the Sunday bartender and good friend to the both of us. We ate at the bar, of course.

I am enamoured with Jean. She is the best of the best! We had a terrific time! Our conversation covered all kinds of stimulating topics. We ate slowly. Drank a bit. Talked much.

When we left La Trattoria, Jean hopped on her bicycle for the trip home. The bicycle is her mode of transportation in Key West.

Lisa just telephoned. She returned home after taking the grandkids to their first day of school. Her report interesting.

No girls in Ally’s class when they walked in.  Only boys. Ally was taken back a bit. There are other girls. But they had not arrived yet. The teacher immediately sensed Ally’s discomfort and asked Ally to help her greet the other students as they arrived.

Robert told his mother no kissing when she dropped him off at school. Destroyed Lisa! Robert is 7 years old and does not want his buddies to see him being kissed by his mother!

As soon as I publish this blog, I am going to walk. In the house again. Better than nothing!

Enjoy your day!

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