Good morning world!

What a morning! Absolute calm. Not one iota of breeze. The water a mirror. It does not appear to be moving. Tide out. Some sun. Some gray clouds. Some black clouds.

The calm before the storm. It is going to rain at some point. No great prognostication! It rains a bit every day this time of year.

I recall hurricane Georges several years ago and the calm before the storm. I had a party planned the evening before it hit. The party had been planned for several weeks. A big one. 200 invitees. Catered.

About 150 showed up. The other 50 had left town in anticipation of Georges. I decided to stay and go thru with the party.

A great party! And, oh so calm! Nothing was moving that night. No breeze. Water still. A perfecrt evening.

It was the calm before the storm.

My family and I decided the next morning to get out of Dodge. We drove 12-15 hours to Miami. Got a plane out to Utica the next morning.

Georges hit Key West and did much damage the evening of the day we left.

Yesterday was screwed up.

I spent the entire day at home writing. If I ever finish, I hope some one reads one of the books I am writing. I am far from completion, however. Sat outside under the unbrella and sometimes under the tiki hut. When I got hot and the sweat unbearable, I jumped in the pool.

Stayed in last night. I was anxious to watch the Republican debate from Iowa. Somehow I/it got screwed up. I was watching CNN, MSNBC and FOX. I arrived at the conclusion that the debate was not till 11 because of Iowa’s difference in time.

I stayed awake till 11. Which is difficult for me since I am asleep much earlier. When I went to the TV at 11, I realized there was a screw up. All that was on were the post debate reviews by the various channels.

It has to be my old age!

I have a gecko friend.

Geckos are those tiny creatures that look like little lizards. Small and thin. About two inches long. Bother no one.

Geckos are common in the keys.

About two months ago, I noticed one in my bedroom. I normally catch them and take them outside. They are harmless and I see no reason to kill them. They are also swift. I was not able to gently apprehend this one.

I am not sure if it is a he or she. Whatever, it has taken up permanent residence in my bedroom. I have a four poster bed. Every evening without fail, it is hanging sideways on one of the posts on the headboard. Fortunately, the one farthest from me.

I do not bother the gecko. The gecko does not bother me.

I read some where recently that geckos are territorial. I can attest to that fact.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The lizards where we are are neighborhood pets, all have names and are as big/long as 8 ft.. I know you're not supposed to,but, we hand feed them..
    It's nice to take a break from politics isn't it.. Patrick

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