I am up late this morning. Almost 9:30.

I got hooked on a 1935 James Stewart movie. Stayed in bed watching it. It was compelling. I had to know how it ended. The movie concerned a World War I love story.

Lunch yesterday was at Salute’s The friday luncheon group. Interesting banter. One of the members just returned from a fishing trip to Alaska. His name is John. He is obviously a for real fisherman to have traveled that far to enjoy the sport. Especially when our waters are filled with all kinds of fish.

John took his 87 year old Dad with him. Lucky John, lucky Dad to have been able to share the trip together. They fished the southern Alaskan waters. The fjords. Salmon were plentiful. Some halibut.

I spent the afternoon watching the PGA. Tiger did not even make the cut. Sad. I have been saying he probably has lost whatever he had forever. I always felt his mental concentration was key to his success. Once the marital problems surfaced, his concentration was side tracked to other things. I doubt the degree of concentration he had can ever be recaptured by him.

It is ironic. Tiger’s great play inspired the next generation of golfers to higher levels of performance. Which translates into lower scores. The younger players now beating him would never have been this good had Tiger not raised the performance level as he did.

Tiger may win again. But never will he achieve the degree of excellence he had in the past. His time is behind him. He should not be ashamed. It was a hell of a ride!

I stopped at the Chart Room last night. Ed Little’s party. Stayed a short bit and left. The place was packed. Many had to stand outside. A tribute to a Key West icon.

I was heading to Louie’s Backyard for a drink. My cell phone rang. It was David of David and Karen. I had seen them gassing up in Key Haven earlier. They wanted me to join them. They were heading for Sweet Tea to eat. I said I was not interested in eating yet. Needed a couple of drinks.

The next time David and I talked I was home in bed and they were at Captain Tony’s. I never got to eat. I enjoyed a few drinks and went home to bed. I also never got to hook up with two of the nicest people in Key West.

My internet show was not run live yesterday. As I explained a couple of days ago, the studio would be closed on friday due to vacations/trips. One of my old shows was rerun. Apparently many watched it. I heard from a ton of people how good it was. Those who wrote included Rita from Calitzdorp, South Africa, Anna from Milan, Italy and Angie from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Modern communication continues to astound me!

The weather outside is beautiful. Another great Key West day in the making.

This is lobsterfest weekend. I may walk down Duval. The street will be closed off and there will be tons of stands selling fresh Florida lobster cooked in all different ways. You eat from a paper plate while standing in the street. There will be music and all sort of things going on. Except for the food, the atmosphere reminds me of the Feast of Saints Cosmo and Damien in the old days back in Utica.

Enjoy your day!

NOTE: This post script is being added one hour after the above blog was published. Jean Thornton  telephoned me. That was not Ed Little’s party last night at the Chart Room. It was in honor of Captain Tony. How embarassing. After a while, one party is like another!

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