We are into the rainy season. It rained heavy during the night. Lightning flashing in through the windows.

This morning it is absolutely beautiful! Bright sun, little breeze and not one cloud in the sky. But…..it will rain during the day at some point. For 5-10 minurtes. Then the sun returns and the humuidity shoots up.

Key West weather is dependable.

Yesterday’s blog touched many. My comments received regarding the Wisconsin recall election. If comments were bullets, I would be full of holes. Actualy, some did agree with me.

This nation of ours is on a far right ride for a while. The Wisconsin vote made that clear. The majority of comments reflected such.

I see things the other way.

Back in my college days, I recall doing some reading on the  indispensable opposition. It was part of one of my political science courses. I sense I am now one of those. One of the indispensable opposition. The far right does not understand the plight of the have nots. And with our dwindling economy, the have nots grow each day. The right talks in platitudes. Neighbors will help each other. I do not buy it. Fifty years ago, yes. Now, not so much. I believe the haves have a blind eye to the suffering of most trying to get along in the American economy today. In many instances, to exist.

So…..I shall speak out on occasion and those of you who disagree will shoot me and my beliefs full of holes.

Golf yesterday! Another bad day at black rock! Two weeks in a row I have played horribly. There is no excuse for it.

I played with Kurt, Rob and Aaron. Kurt and Rob played a money game. Rob won again. I did not play for money. Fortunately! I played leisurely. Took a few mulligans. Several. Moved the ball a bit for a better lie on occasion.

I was hungry. The refrigerator was empty. I went to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch. Sat at the bar, ate a full turkey dinner and read the newspapers. Harry’s was air conditioned and cool.

I was tired. Took a three hour nap.

Skipped dinner. The turkey lunch was too much.

Jean Thornton is back in town. She texted me that she was taking Sheila to the Chart Room. Could I make it? Never did. Sheila, I love you but had other plans..

I wanted to go to the movies. It had been a long time.

I took Barbara. We went to see the new Ape movie. I found it ok. Not great. Nothing like Planet of the Apes or its two successor films. Worth seeing, however.

Ate some pop corn.

By the time the show was over, I was hungry. It was around 9:30. The cupboard was bare again. I need to shop today. I had to eat. We stopped at Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town.

Robert a top notch bartender. Charming. Barbara and I shared a small pizza and a piece of key lime pie. Around 10 last night. Not healthy! But, oh so good!

Sadly, I will not be doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. I was advised yesterday the studio would be closed for a few days. Guy the owner is visitng his lady friend ML in Annapolis and they are participating in a sail boat regatta somewhere in New Jersey. Jenna leaves today for a long week end in Indiana. She is visiting her grandmother and attending a friend’s wedding. Guy and Jenna run KONK. The operations. One of them has to be there to turn on the machines, etc. No one else knows how.

KONK being closed tomorrow is typical Key West. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than enjoying life. Even a broadcating business. Sailing and visiting grandma take precedence. I agree.

All is not lost, however. One of my old shows will be rerun. So if you are still inclined, please listen in at 10 am my time at http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

What does bother me is that I had some new and interesting topics to discuss. Like the Wisconsin vote, the barring of circumsicion thrown off the San Francisco ballot, Viber Erect, a new Missouri law forbidding teachers and students from communicating on Facebook unless a parent has access, the recent Dodd-Frank Act and its implication for gold purchases, guns on campus in Texas, and more.

Lisa just telephoned. She wanted to know what I was going to do today. I said I did not know. That is the way most of my days are. What happens, happens. Generally for the good, fortunately.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sorry we missed you at the Chart Room, Lou! I'm sure Miss Jean will organize another excursion for me soon and we'll see you then.

  2. The far right does understand the plight of the have nots. And with our dwindling economy – caused by the ineffective government (on both sides), the have nots grow each day. The right may talk in platitudes, but the left wants to try and save everyone. Saving everyone will never happen. Many of the "have nots" will continue to have nothing to do with doing anything to make them "haves". Neighbors will help each other, I just ask that if my neighbor wants help, that he helps himself as well. You may believe the haves have a blind eye to the suffering of most trying to get along in the American economy today, but your position is based upon what you WANY to beleive. In reality, I would bet that me and my friends on the right (what you call the "Haves") donate more time and money, by a long shot, than the folks on the left.

  3. Lou,I must take exception to the premise that if people on the right oppose excessive entitlements, they are therefore insensitive to the have-nots. What you are in effect arguing is public policy to continue or increase welfare or similar programs. The right simply recognizes the reality of human nature, and that well intentioned programs inevitably result in dependency, and social deterioration. Dr Thomas Sowell makes this point eloquently in reference to his native Harlem in New York City, and it is painfully clear by current events that a similar outcome has evolved in Britain. Public policy should be based on what works, rather than what we hope will work.

  4. this is the second day in a row that you have mentioned a lady by the name of Barbara, Usually you do not mention womens names, she must be special!!!!!!

  5. Let the bastards eat cake. That was an attitude that brought the haves no good at all. Unfortunately the right wingers today still don't understand the principle that everyone does better when everyone does better.
    Better to kill Afghans and Libyans than pay Social Security or provide accessible health care.Its not about money its about prioirties. And wrapping your right wing self in platitudes.

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