I was supposed to be doing a nuclear stress test at this moment. Late yesterday, the doctor’s office called and cancelled it to next week. So what was intended to me a quiet evening, turned into a blast. I partied!

Lets take the day in sequence.

Golf yesterday morning. Fun! Played with Tom and Yankee Jack. Tom’s last day. He is off to his home on the Jersey shore tomorrow for the summer. A tough life!

Yankee was the big winner! Big big! He won 7 holes all at once in our skins game. I was happy for him. He has been playing poorly of late. The winner buys drinks. Yankee was so thrilled, he bought burgers and hot dogs also.

I lost $3. Tom, the best player in the group, took a beating. He was the big loser.

The humidity is getting heavy. I was tired. I laid in bed all afternoon recovering from the golf.

Last night I was going to take it easy. Stress test this morning. Since it was cancelled, I went out! No sense in wasting a good evening.

Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. I enjoy his singing. Aqua was my first stop. Not many people. The season is over. The snowbirds have left.

Then to Island Hot Dog.

It was Nancy’s 60th birthday. A group from Don’s Place were taking her out on the town. They had started at Island Hot Dog.  Nancy’s son in law owns it. The name of the place is not representative of the charm and quality of the establishment. It is first class!

I caught up with everyone as they were leaving the Dog . About a dozen people. The partying mood was already upon them.

We headed over to Rum Barrel for dinner. Sat upstairs outside. I was blessed with having Don sitting next to me. He was a bit inebriated. Repetitive. Everyone was glad he was my dinner companion.

A terrific party! Love Nancy. Happy birthday wonderful woman!

We were there a long time. I finally left, set my new car on “home finder” and away I went!

Several persons have asked how the lady locked in the bathroom was discovered at Hogfish. Easy. My luncheon companion Barbara. Barbara had to pee. When first she tried the door, it was locked. She sat for 15 minutes squirming and telling me she had to go. She had her eyes on the ladies room door all that time. She finally said something is wrong. She went back to the door. It was she who heard the shouts for help! My luncheon companion was the heroine of the day!

Bocce tonight.

This is the big evening! I thought we had two more weeks to play. Then the playoffs, if we ended up in the top 4.

Turns out I had it screwed up. Tonight is the last evening of league play. The playoffs are this weeked.

We are presently in third place alone. If we win 2 games this evening, we will be rolling in the first round of the playoffs Saturday. If we do not, I am not sure what will happen. There are presently several teams tied in fourth place.

We are playing the last ranked team this evening. A decided advantage. But you never know! Tonight I will know. Tomorrow you will know.

This Congressman Weiner thing is a pain. I wish the media would get off of it. He screwed up! But note carfefully, screw he did not. Internet sex is a non contact sport.

I think sexual computer interaction personifies a change in our culture. It appears to be the social mores of our time. Society promotes safe sex. What could be safer from a physical stand point than internet sexual relationships.

Before any one goes off half cocked, I agree that the situation is immoral and dishonest to one’s spouse/partner. No question.

TV comedians are having a field day. We all agree we are in the midst of a great economic crisis. Some one said last night that the Congressman’s internet activities had helped to reduce unemployment. They have been a big boost to the penis pun industries.

Tomorrow morning at 10 the Key West Lou Legal Hour. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. Join me.

I am not even going to review with you this morning what I shall be talking about.The world is getting crazier and crazier. Material is overwhelming. A terrific pick and choose situation for me.

One example, and the only one I shall share with you, is Congressman Weiner and his weiner. He is a perfect example of what Forrest Gump was referring to when he said…..Stupid is, as stupid does.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've had to deal with Weiner on too many occasions when he was a NY senator.. He is one nasty human being, therefore, I have no sympathy for him.. Patrick

  2. It may be a felony. (You must remember those.) It's alleged that (a) at least one of the sextings was unsolicited. (2) it's reported that it was done from a Federal location. (3) Federally paid staffers or contractors were offered by the Congressman and used by at least one of the participants. (4) conspiracy.

    Aside from the morality, it's always the lying and the cover up that "kills" these sleezeballs.

    And, if they are all busy covering their butts, they'll be too busy to "fix" the problems. Their "fixes" are usually always worse than the original problem.


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