Ally’s graduation yesterday morning was touching.

She looked magnificent! Beautiful! Proud! Dignified!

My granddaughter!

It was her day and she knew it.

My eyes did fill a bit. I knew they would. There is an old Swedish proverb. Goes something like…..Eyes that do not cry, do not see. I saw yesterday.

Ally stayed at school afterward. Wanted to be with her friends. Already.

I went to the Coffee House to read the New York papers. Then to Hogfish for lunch.

An interesting occurrence at Hogfish. Crys of help! From where? Turned out to be the ladies room. A woman had somehow locked herself in.

I was browsing through the local papers while lunching. Saw an article on a used clothing/furniture warehouse. A non-profit. Having nothing better to do, I visited it.

It was located on 5th Avenue. Not New York City’s 5th Ave. Stock Island’s!

It was on a part of 5th Ave I had never visited before. Found it easily. Parked my new beetle convertible outside and entered.

A big place. Lots of everything used. Many people mulling around. I was particularly taken with the tee shirts. Good ones! $1 a piece. However, I could not buy any. Used clothes I am not ready for! Hopefully, never.

As I was leaving, some lady ran out to talk with me. The bettle was the attraction. Not Louis.

You will recall I mentioned a couple of days ago that there is another new beetle convertible exactly like mine in Key West. Same color, same everything. This lady’s girl friend owns it. She wanted to tell me. I told her I already knew. We chatted a bit. The girl friend’s last name is Eaton. We will hook up at some time, I am sure. Perhaps we can drag race.

Dinner was a celebration of Ally’s graduation. Ally picked the place. Matthesson’s. Her call. We dined on burgers, fish sandwiches and ice cream.

Afterwards, I was off to Don’s Place. Jules and Jimmy were here visiting from New Orleans. They have become successful barkeeps in New Orleans in their own right!

They are here for Nancy’s birthday today. The celebration is tonight. The partying starts at the Dog House (Nancy’s son in law’s place) at 6. Then a bit of a Duval crawl, ending up at the Rum Barrel. I want to join them. Probably will not. It will be too much partying for me. I have a stress test tomorrow morning at 9.

Everyone was at Don’s Place to greet Jules and Jim. Don, Steph, Keith, Jennifer, Boomer, Todd, Nancy, Toni, and more.

I left before 9. I wanted to watch the Miami/Dallas game from bed. A mistake again! I fell asleep during the third quarter. I did not know who won till I woke this morning. Plus, I missed a terrific final minute again!

Golf this morning. What could be better!

The weather has been screwy the past six months. Worldwide. Even Key West. Here the weather has been unusually good. Spectacular!

Big time snow, tornados and floods everywhere.

And now news this morning of the strangest event weatherwise yet this year. It snowed in Hawaii yesterday!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well, you never mentioned whether the poor gal was let out of the restroom !! Is she still in there, never again to see the light of day ??!! Patrick

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