Happy birthday, Ally!

Six years old!

I already spoke with her at around six this morning. She is all excited. We are doing the family thing tonight after dinner.

The weather man in me is about to expound. Another great Key West day in the making. Fortunately…..it finally rained yesterday. Off and on. Big time. We needed it!

Today is the start of hurricane season. Now till Novemebr 30th.

When I first bought my home here 12 years ago, the locals spoke of hurricanes. Just talk. There had not been a significant storm since 1935. Then the sky fell in! Several years of hurricanes. Some big! Lots of damage.

The past two years have been hurricane free. Thank God! I hope this season is also.

My day yesterday was a quiet one. I needed the rest after the weekend. Wrote this blog, the Amazon Kindle legal blog, researched friday’s show further and slept most of the afternoon. Last night was dinner with my MTV neighbor Andrew. We did the Chart Room and  Hot Tin Roof.

Andrew has a home in Switzerland. I last saw him about a month ago when we lunched at Louie’s Backyard. Since then he had scooted over to Switzerland for a few days and got married. Her name is Jasmine. They met at St. Moritz. He is here. She still in Switzerland with their 11 month old son. Jasmine and son will be here in about two weeks.

Andrew and I are becoming friends. We get along well.

I was home in bed early. I was anxious to watch the Miami game. Hit the pillow at the start of the second half. That was it! Fell immediately to sleep. When I woke, they were doing the post game interviews. I was happy that Miami had won.

Golf this morning! Love it!

Tonight Ally’s birthday party! Love her and love that event, also.

Enjoy your day!

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