January 1, 2011.

Only 364 days till the next New Years.

May this New Year be happier and better for you than the previous one. Even if 2010 was good for you!

Better is better!

Happy New Year one and all!

Yesterday was a strange one for me.

I spent the early part of the day in. Reading and writing. Sitting on the deck. I was in a pensive mood. The year end was affecting me.

Late in the afternoon, I went to Walgreens. I was out of a prescription. Then I drove into Key West proper. I saw groups of people and what appeared to be a parade. I stopped and parked my car.

It was the Dachshund parade. Those tiny long dogs. The ones that look like weiners/hot dogs. Whatever way you might describe them.

The parade is an annual event. I had never seen one before.

There were about 200 of the tiny long dogs with their proud owners. Most of the dogs wearing some sort of decoration or costume. Some in buns. Symbolic! Many dressed as pirates. One as a turtle with a hard shell back. Some wearing sunglasses. One with avaitor glasses.

Had I known I was going to watch the dachshunds, I would have picked up the grandkids. Next year!

Later I had dinner with Lisa, Corey, Robert and Ally at TGI Friday’s. Fun! Robert and I played tic, tac, toe. I let him beat me. He does not focus yet. Ally talked throughout the meal. We knew everything going on in the place.

It was a good time! A warm time! A funny time!

Afterwards, I headed home. My intent was to stay in for the evening.

I fell asleep. Woke about 11. Said….. What the hell! Dressed and was out on the town for New Years Eve!

Where to go became the issue. I have done previous New Years eves at Sloppy Joe’s, La Te Da, Michael’s, Square One, the Pier House and other places. One spot I never did was Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street is a bar on Duval. Kitty corner from 801. Drag queen corner in Key West!

One of Key West’s premier drag queens is Sushi. For roughly 15 consecutive New Years eves, Sushi has ridden a red stiletto shoe down the front of the Bourbon Street Bar on Duval.

The interesection is always jam packed for the event. CNN has been filming it for many years. I assume CNN did so again last night.

I saw Sushi make the ride! It was exciting! The people, the night, the emotions, etc.

Afterwards, I walked over to La Te Da. Figured Donna and Terri would be there. They had already left. So it was home to bed for me. This time to stay in.

Big day today!

Syracuse plays Notre Dame in basketball at 3:30. Syracuse is undefeated. Notre Dame has only one loss. Should be an exciting game. Syracuse will be tested!

I plan on watching at the Sports Page Bar. Some other Syracuse fans will be there also. After the season last year, a Syracuse flag was hung at the bar. The Syracuse fans will be excited when they see it.

I expect to run into Don and Chris. They are from the Syracuse area, in Key West and always at the basketball games.

At 6:30 I am babysitting. Lisa and Corey are going to a party. If they return in time, I plan on seeing Terri’s last show at La Te Da at 9.

A bit of news bothered me today. It had to do with the Christian Church in Egypt that was bombed.

Yesterday a car bomb exploded in front of the Coptic Christian Church in Alexandria. Twenty one Christians in the Church were killed. Many more wounded.

Muslims appear to dislike Christians. Christians as I use the term includes Protestants and Catholics.

This type activity in Europe and Asia is commonplace. I find it sad for a number of reasons. One is that in all the countries where the problem occurs, the Christians are in the minority. In Egypt only 10 per cent of the population is Christian. They live with 80 million Muslims.

The big guy picking on the little guy!

I wrote about this problem in one of my new and recent legal blogs. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day which is being published on Amazon Kindle. My article of December 27, 2010 entitled Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. The title fits the situation.

Amongst other things in the article, I made reference to the Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq where 68 Catholics were killed on October 31, 2010. Two of them priests. I also made reference to my personal friend in Jakarta, Indonesia. She and her family have been Catholics for generations. Catholics are a very small part of the population. Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims in the world. My friend is periodically accosted on the street and beaten because she is Catholic. Her Church frequently desecrated.

The reason I wrote the blog was to highlight the problem. And also to pinpoint how some Muslims speak with a forked tongue. They discriminate against Christians and Catholics in other countries. Then they come here and cry out for religious freedom. They want their laws, Sharia law, to control them civilly and criminally.

Actions inconsistent with words.

That is not doing to others as you would have them do unto you.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Born as a Christian and cannot say that I am a practicing one now, but if you know history Lou, you know what goes around, comes around. Stop reading Palin books and do some due diligence before saying it is David vs. Goliath.

  2. > let him win

    Shame on you! What are you teaching the young lad? That he's rewarded based on your misplaced compassion? That he's better than his Grandpop at tictactoe? That one of his most trusted adults will: (a) lie by deception; (b) doesn't think he's smart enough to win on his own; and (c) he's not valuable enough to get your best effort at teaching him.

    Besides doing less than your best at anything is a bad idea.

    "Catholic school taught them that it was their obligation, and could even be a mortal sin, if you didn't use all your talents to the greater glory of God." — "Chapter Fifty — Samaritans going to Jericho / Monday November 5, 1962 – Church Day + 17 (continues)" CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 296


    P.S. As a lawyer shouldn't lie about the "santa clause" in young people's contracts and contacts either. (Just in case, the kinder read your blog.)

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