Not Key West weather!

I am told it might stay this way till Christmas.

A great radio show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 o’clock. Listen in in the Keys and Cuba on radio at KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen world wide on the internet at

This past week was interesting. News breaking all over the place. I shall cover most of it. From Washington to Afghanistan.

I am also going to do a bit on life in the United States during World War II. Contrast it with our present day lives with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite a difference!

Yesterday was mostly spent fine tuning today’s show. Later in the afternoon, I went to the gym. I am at the point where I would miss it if I did not go.

Then it was to Lisa’s. Babysitting time. Lisa and Corey had a Christmas party to attend. On the pier at Ocean Key House. The worst place for a party last night! With the cold wind coming in off the ocean!

I have become good at babysitting. I let Robert and Ally babysit me.

It was bath time. No big deal. They bathe themselves.

We played. Talked.

Lisa and Corey came home. Ally let them in. I was asleep in the easy chair. Robert in bed.

Lisa said as she came through the door, ” I told Corey we would find you (me) sleeping and Ally babysitting!”

Right she was!

When I got home, my living room was bright with Christmas colors. Donna and Terri had found my artificial tree and put it up.

Five years ago when I started living alone, I bought an artificial tree over the internet. Cost me over $400. I got a good one. With 400 lights. My thought process was it would be easy to put up and would need no additional decorations. Four hundred lights were enough.

Christmas tree decorating was never my thing. Back in Utica, my wife and grandchildren would do it.

One of the things I miss is the boxes of balls and other decorations that a family accumulates. My former wife has those. One of the tree ornaments was a small gold frame with my Mother’s picture in it. Even though she was gone, she was yet with us at Christgmas time. The grandchildren were trained to search for Grandma Petrone on the tree. Even those who never knew her.

My tree last night had balls and red tinsel. Looked terrific! Donna and Terri thought the tree was bare without additional decoration. They went out and purchased the extra goodies.

My Key West home is Christmasie and warm. Thank you, Donna and Terri!

Join me at 10 this morning for the radio show, if you can. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Enjoy your day, also!

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  1. Tried to listen to your show. Station website requires flash; that's not available on the iPad. On my $2 app, tune in radio, finds a konk1630 station, but not konk1500. Maybe, iTunes, haven't tried that yet.

  2. Lou – it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas back here in your hometown. Rest assured, you're in a better place, a peaceful place, a truthful place, dare I say a real place. What you left behind would have been the end of you. Give thanks for your liberty. You truly deserve it for all you gave.

  3. Tuesday the high in Key West will be in the 50's!

    Lows in the upper 40's!

    So much for our sub-tropical weather and NO Key West is just a degree or two above tropical.

    We ARE NOT in the tropics here!

    Right now, the tropics would look really good too!

    Ah to be in a real paradise – Hawaii! Gotta book my flight….coming Lou?!

    Cold front coming with record temps to the FL Keys say the National Weather Service. We may break the record for the coldest temps ever recorded here. Plus the weather to stay cold till Christmas. To add even more to this, the prediction is for much colder winter than normal with record lows for the next few months.

    The cold water is already killing fish. See them float on the water surface.

    Iguanas are starting to feel the cold and die. Ever had one fall out of their tree perch when they die? Funny sight to see a four foot long monster practically fall on your head as they die from the cold temps. Yipes!

    Sweaters. Parka with hood. Leather jackets. Gloves. Scarves. Long underwear. Thermal socks. LL bean catalogs. Hot cocoa. All the rage in Key West this winter.

    Hey Lou—–got a snow shovel and a space heater? You will need it this winter on Key Haven!!!!

    LOL. Life is C-O-L-D in Key West!!!

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