The weather outside is frightful…..

So goes the lament from the song.

Yesterday at this time it was 56 degrees. This morning 62. Should be warmer. It is not!

The wind is howling down from the northeast. The palm trees are bending. Waves and whitecaps in the water.

Lisa just telephoned. She is already at work. Coldest day yet, she says!

Again I recognize that I should complain not. My friends in the northeast are buried in snow and temperatures in the teens.

Played golf yesterday morning. The worst I have played in 6 months! Bad!!!

I lost $34. Never lost that much money!

Played with Yankee Jack, Robert and Rob.

Robert shot an 85 and Rob an 86. Rob shot par golf the first 5 holes. While I was shooting 8s and 9s.

No excuse.

I have to admit though it was a lot of fun! These are good guys and we had an enjoyable round.

At my expense!

I visited the gym in the afternoon. Needed to get rid of my frustrations after golf. Not really. It is my present commitment to good health. Hit the big bag a while. Then a walk on the treadmill.

Last night it was my intention to go out to dinner and then to the Bottle Cap to see Larry Smith’s show. I never made it. I was too tired. No wonder after my physical day!

I was in bed at 8 and asleep by 9!

Big night tonight! I babysit. Lisa and Corey are going to Lisa’s Christmas party. The grandkids are excited. I am excited. Should be a good time.

Tomorrow morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 10. Listen in on KONK AM radio at 1500 on the dial. Better yet, watch and listen world wide on the internet at The show continues to be exciting and challenging!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Cold front coming with record temps to the FL Keys say the National Weather Service. We may break the record for the coldest temps ever recorded here. Plus the weather to stay cold till Christmas. To add even more to this, the prediction is for much colder winter than normal with record lows for the next few months.

    The cold water is already killing fish. See them float on the water surface.

    Iguanas are starting to feel the cold and die. Ever had one fall out of their tree perch when they die? Funny sight to see a four foot long monster practically fall on your head as they die from the cold temps. Yipes!

    Sweaters. Parka with hood. Leather jackets. Gloves. Scarves. Long underwear. Thermal socks. LL bean catalogs. Hot cocoa. All the rage in Key West this winter.

    Hey Lou—–got a snow shovel and a space heater? You will need it this winter on Key Haven!!!!

    LOL. Life is C-O-L-D in Key West!!!

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