Key West weather remains consistent. Cold! 63 degrees this morning.

I enjoyed doing yesterday’s radio show. Apparently many who listened and/or watched enjoyed it also. I received a ton of compliments on the World War II portion.

I did about 15 minuts on World War II. As I remembered the war. I was 6-10 years old at the time. I related homefront events that have stuck in my mind over the years. And compared them to life in the United States today with wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Homefront sacrifice is different. Actually non existant today.

I also talked about the Afghan child bride who was unhappy. She ran away from her Taliban husband. He caught her. As punishment, her husband, father in law and brother in law cut off her ears and nose. Nice people! And we have been over there fighting for 10 years. For what? The twain shall never meet between our societies.

I was up in Big Pine later in the afternoon. On the way back, the sun was setting. To my right off US 1. A bright orange ball cutting the water. Absolutely magnificent!

Tonight is the Christmas boat parade! A big deal!

A large number of boats will be decorated Christmas style. As homes are decorated. Perhaps 50 or more boats. All done beautifully!

They will be moving on the Gulf side in the area of Schooner’s Wharf.

The parade lasts about 4 hours.

I have been on a boat several times for the parade. Fun! Drinking, eating and dancing! Everyone in a festive mood.

Last year it was cold. Not as cold as this year. Nevertheless I froze my butt off! Even though I was dressed for the weather. Took the fun out of the event.

Tonight will be even colder than last year. I had two free tickets on one of the boats. I gave them away. Decided I did not want to endure the cold out on the water tonight.

I will enjoy my evening, however. Syracuse basketball! Syracuse is playing Colgate. I shall watch the game at the Sports Page Bar.

Syracuse should drub Colgate. Syracuse is 9-0. Colgate is 0-7. But… never know. Recall the LeMoyne game last year.

Syracuse basketball will get tough starting December 28. Big East Conference play begins. Syracuse opens against Providence. Six Big East teams are in the top 25 nationally.

It’s going to be big time basketball!

Enjoy your day!

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