I am in Phoenix!

I am on Key West time! It is 7 am in Key West. Three hours behind here. It is 4 in the morning in Phoenix.

I arrived late. Got lost. Had to eat. Ended up going to bed at 1:30 Key West time.

Lisa and the family drove me to the airport. The grandkids yelled I love you Poppa! as I headed into the airport. All of a sudden, the van door slid open. They were still yelling. We did not kiss you! It was back to Robert and Ally. The plane could wait.

Flew Delta. Had 2 bags. Counter lady said you can only take one bag. I said I did not know. Both bags large. I acted confused. I was. I never heard only one bag. She said only in Key West. The take off strip was too short for their larger jet. Weight had to be controlled.

I could not even carry it on.

One will have to go stand by, she said. And the bag was so marked.

The last time I flew a long distance was about 6 years ago. London. It was also the last time I was on a huge jet. Then however I flew first class. Sat in the first row on the aisle.

The Atlanta to Phoenix flight was on a large plane. Carried 275 passengers. Stewardess said it was full.

A cattle car. Seven across. Several sections. I was seated about 10 rows from the rear.

A bit tight. Not bad, though. I read the whole trip.

Rented a car.

The car rental places are not at the airport. Several miles away. A shuttle bus takes you.

I prepare for everything. I am anal. I had googled for driving instructions from the airport to the hotel. The location of the car rental place threw the instructions off. Dramatically. The attendant at the car rental place knew from nothing. Not a highway. Not the hotel. I could not help thinking he had to be one of those guys who snuck over the border.

I got lost. About 30 miles lost. I ended up driving north when I was supposed to be driving west. Finally figured it out. Eventually based on pure instinct and raw luck, corrected my mistake and found the hotel.

I was tired and hungry. My bones ached from sitting in the tight plane seat.

The coffee shop at the hotel did not appeal to me. The bell boy said go out the front door, take a right and walk about 1,000 feet. You will find many restaurants.

He was correct.

The University of Phoenix stadium is next door. A whole eating and drinking area is next to it. Reminded me of an Italian piazza.

I ended up eating at some cowboy beef place. Outside. Watched Donovan McNabb play while eating.

There was a lot of noise coming from the inside of the restaurant. After I ate, I wandered inside to see what was going on. A lovely young lady riding a mechanical bull.

Just like Key West’s Cowboy Bill’s. I have never been to the new Cowboy Bill’s in Key West. I have never seen anyone ride a mechanical bull. I had to come to Phoenix to experience the sight!
It was something! She rode the bull like hell! Stayed on a long time. All I could think of was my testicles would be in my throat if I ever tried it!

I am going back to bed. It is still the middle of the night here.

Oh, my stand by bag made it!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. That is the problem with Key West Airport – you can bring in 2 bags but just take out 1. Great for all those tourist souvenirs and gifts you can leave behind or ship ahead. Why do they not tell you? Because they expect to charge you big time for your mistake. Ah yes – only in Key West where they let the idiots become TSA security jerks. It is a shame and a pity these are the first people our tourists see on arrival. They make you want to stay on the plane and leave.

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