Stone crab season opened this week!

Love stone crabs!

If I were to knowingly have a last meal, it would be stone crabs!

From all indications, the stone crab season should be a good one. The stone crabs are plentiful. The prices right. For the fisherman and the consumer.

Unfortunately, I will not get to enjoy my favorite food until I return from Arizona one week from now. I leave on my trip later this morning. While I am gone, my house guests Dona and Terri will hold down the fort and watch the house. I told them, no rowdy parties!

From stone crabs to pastrami. Yesterday I had a desire for a New York type deli sandwich. It was lunch at Goldman’s. Pastrami on rye with Russian dressing. Hot pastrami. Not as good as the Stage Door Deli, but good!

I spent the better part of the afternoon packing and chatting. Chatting with Donna and Terri. A most interesting couple! Love them both! Who would have known in my conservative other life that two of my best friends in my old age would be lesbians!

Terri was nervous. She had a show last night. I have learned that as professional as she is, she still gets knots in her stomach before a show. A Broadway star!

Terri was singing in an AIDS Help fund raiser last night at the San Carlos. She and several other performers. She was terrific, as usual! And so was the rest of the ensemble!

Before arriving at the San Carlos, I stopped at the Marriott Beachside. It is on the corner of US 1 and the Boulevard. I have to pass it on the way into town so it was an easy stop. I went to listen to Bobby Nesbitt for a bit. He is now singing there Saturday evenings. A talent!

Terri and Bobby in one night! A REAL doubleheader!

I was thrilled to learn when I returned home last night that Wisconsin had defeated #1 ranked Ohio State. Handily. I actually had no favorite. However I was pulling for my friend John. John the manager at Hot Tin Roof. He is a Wisconsin graduate and as avid a Wisconsin fan as I am a Syracuse fan.

Tomorrow I write from somewhere in Phoenix.

Enjoy your day!

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