I am up very early. Phoenix time. 3 am. Don’t feel it, however. I am still on Key West time where it is 6 am.

I have to be up early. I have a 6 am appointment.

I am playing tourist. I am being picked up at 6 for an air ballon ride. Over the desert.

Breakfast was Zen type yesterday morning.

I am staying at a terrific hotel. The Rennissance in Glendale. The hotel has a just right size outdoor inner court. About 300 feet by 100 feet. The hotel is Spanish in style. The inner court shrubbed minimally. Tiny birds fluttering about. An effect achieved. Peaceful!

Then a walk. I wanted to explore the area.

Not much to explore.

My hotel. A Hampton Inn nearby. Two stadiums. Both an 8 iron away. One the home of the Coyotes, the Phoenix hockey time. Called Jobs.com. The other the Phoenix University Stadium. This Stadium will be home to the January 10, 2011 Super Bowl game! Wow!

There is also a commercial area. Perfectly situated for the crowds attending events. Bars, restauants and stores galore. A community unto itself.

Otherwise nothing! Just acres and acres of parking lots and desert. All with a towering mountain range in the background.

I took a ride. About 15 minutes driving away, discovered a terrific shopping mall. Big time! All the best stores. It was a pleasure walking through.

I also found a Fuddrukers! It has been 15 years at least since I was in one. The last time was Coconut Grove.

For the uninitiated, Fuddrukers is a steak/hamburger place. Steak sandwiches to die for! I had two! What the hell, I am on vacation!

Fuddrukers is like Smuckers. With a name like that, it has to be good!

The commercial area adjoining the two stadiums by my hotel also includes a movie house. An AMC. 20 theaters in one building. Each one huge.

The theater is open all day and into the late evening. Cost. Only $5.25! No senior discount at that price.

I saw The Social Network. The Facebook story. Mark Zuckerberg’s tale. He is still in his 20s. He is referred to as the youngest billionaire in the world.

A very good movie. Especially if you participate in Facebook, as I do. I recommend the movie. I suspect it will receive Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor.

I went to the late afternoon show. 4:40. One strange thing. Only 3 of us in the theater watching the movie. Me and a young couple in the back row.

I walked out of the movie house at 7 into a lovely restaurant. A steak house. I had dinner outside. Watched the world walk by as I ate.

Then back to the hotel to bed. It was only 9 in the evening Phoenix time. But it was midnight Key West time. And I am still on Key West time.

I am watching Morning Joe as I write this blog. Strange. It is 3:15 in the morning here. Really 6:15 back East.

Join me tomorrow for a report on the air ballon ride.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. TWO steak sandwiches?

    Just because you are on vacation does not mean you need to ignore your diet.

    Please – a man of your age DOES NOT need to eat all this crap!


    And why not enjoy a LOCAL restaurant than some chain? After all, that is why people go on vacation isn't it? To enjoy local culture and food?

    Next thing you will tell us you went to the Outback or Longhorns or Chillis or Ruby Tuesday's.

    You might as well stop at the mall and check out WalMart.

  2. 2 steak sandwiches,, good for you.. What else is a vacation for.. Hot fudge brownie sundae for dessert and end the day with some scotch and a cuban..What else is a vacation for.. Enjoy the balloon ride,, I'm sure you will..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  3. I see patrick and joanne are back to spew their venomous comments about dietary mishaps. Guess they must subscribe to the hippie advice of 'if it feels good, do it' mantra of the baby boomers. Don't they know their artery clogging ways will land them in ICU before their time? However, please note, you can take that social security check you so don't need and give it to your local hospital im partial payment for services in the near future.

    Lou, ignore the rants and rages of those that mean you harm – aka, eating 2 steak sandwiches at one meal. Get on the health track and you will live long and prosper unlike those that wish you to do harm to your being by foolish wants.

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