Radio show this morning!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

10 am. Listen from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba on the radio. KONK 1500 AM. Watch and listen on the internet world wide at

I am upset! I will be respectfully chastising my President for his approach to the mortgage foreclosure problem, his failure to provide Social Security recipients with a cost of living increase two years in a row, and his handling of the don’t ask, don’t tell issue. Plus other topics such as a walk back in history with Harry Truman. Today is October 15. Sixty years ago on this same day Truman met with MacArthur at Wake Island.

I will update you on the Arizona immigration crisis and make comment on how Russia is handling the uprise in neo Nazism. Plus…..Alabama weird dumb laws, the weird lawsuit of the week and a few stories about some just plain dumb criminals.

Join me!

It rained yesterday. All day. Sloppy.

I started the day with a haircut. At Blown Away with Lori. The shorter my hair, the more frequent I need a haircut. I do not understand.

Then to the Coffee House. Read the Key West Citizen. Leafed through the New York Times. Very few people. It is a quiet time for Key West.

Ally was sick yesterday. Lisa kept her home. A stomach bug. I stopped by to visit the both of them.

Ally seemed to be in good shape. Lisa said I cauget her bewtweeen upochuckings. Poor kid!

Ally read to me. She is proud of her ability to read. I am impressed by how rapidly she is improving her reading skills.

Lunched at Hogfish. Under a thatched roof with rain coming down big time around the place. A lot of people. Maybe because of the rain, people had nothing better to do yesterday but eat. And drink. Except for me.

I fine tuned today’s radio show in the afternoon. Then napped a bit.

Last night I went out with Donna and Terri. They started early. We met at the Chart Room. Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. John was happy to see us. The weather was keeping everyone away. Dinner was good. Donna and Terri always good. It was a pleasant evening.

Remember to tune into the radio show at 10!

Enjoy your day!

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