A weather man I am not!

I predictred rain yesterday. Did not play golf. Figured it would pour.

I was wrong!

Around 9 the sky cleared and the sun came out. And stayed out! All day! It was a typical glorious Key West day.

I mssed golf because I thought it was going to continue raining. I was the only one. Everyone else played.

It is 7 am. Just like yesterday. Maybe even a bit worse. Dark. Pouring. Thunder and lightning. I would say a bad day weather wise in the making. We shall see. Not a prediction on my part. Merely a reflection.

Even though I mssed golf, the day was not wasted. I spent most of it working on tomorrow’s radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, watch and hear the show on the internet worldwide at http://www.konkam.com/.

Transmission the past few weeks over the internet has been full of glitches. They interfered with transmission. Sometimes to the extent of wiping the whole show out.

I have been assured that all is fixed. Everything should run smoothly tomorrow. So please watch over the internet, if you can.

I am a registered Democrat. Not a far leftist. Just a bit left of center. Sometimes a conservative. A bit to the right.

I supported Obama’s quest for the Presidency. I voted for him. I have been tolerant of him to date. My feeling has been that he came to office facing a full plate.

However my thought process is starting to lean the other way. His heart and his actions do not always blend. I am beginning to become unhappy with our President. Specifically in regard to three areas. No cost of living increase for Social Security recipients, his present handling of don’t ask, don’t tell, and his thought process regarding mortgage foreclosures. In all three areas, I believe he is of the establishment view. One which is contrary to the best interests of the American people.

I will address these issues in more detail in tomorrow’s radio show.

Also on the agenda will be an Arizona immigrant update, Russia and neo Nazis, the Rutgers freshman who committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, stimulus from Eisenhower to Obama, some dumb criminal stories, Truman’s historic meeting with MacArthur exactly 60 years ago on October 15, 1950, Alabama weird dumb laws, and the weird dumb lawsuit of the week.

Listen in and enjoy! Some interesting topics. Some challenging issues. Some humorous items.

It is raining so hard right now that I would bet the weather is not going to clear up. But, no more! I have been wrong too many times!

Dinner last night was at the bar at Outback. Me and the newspapers.

Someone tapped me on the should and said hello. It was Gail. She was just leaving. Had I seen her, I would have joined her for dinner. Gail is a charming person. I still was a bit of a winner. She kissed me.

Then to the Bottle Cap. Larry Smith time! One of his guests my house guest, Terri White. Actually, both of my house guests. Donna and Terri joined to be interviewed on same sex marriage, also. Their marriage.

Terri sang Summetime. Fantastic! No question why she is and that she is a Broadway star!
She is also a comedian of sorts. She and Donna’s road to a legally recognized marriage was a bit bumpy.
First, they partnered/maried in mind and heart here in Key West. Then Terri was starring in Finian’s Rainbow on Broadway. New York was supposed to pass a law approving same sex marriage. They planned a big wedding. On the stage of the St. James Theater immediately after the Sunday matinee of the show. 500 people invited. The New York Senate failed to cooperate. They did not pass the same sex marriage bill. So Donna and Terri went ahead with a commitment ceremony.

They did not feel right. Though their hearts were in the right place, they wanted that piece of paper that said they were legally bound. So they snuck off one weekend to Milford, Connecticut and were legally married. Connecticut recognizes same sex marriages.

Terri commented durng the interview portion last night that she wanted the marriage black and white. A funny lady, indeed!

Chile has impressed the world! Thank you Chile, all other countries that helped and God that 33 miners have returned alive and well to the real world. Amazing!

Haircut time again! Lori time! This morning.

Bocce tonight. If the rain lets up, of course. Cannot play bocce on a wet clay court.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, you are so right. You are NO weatherman! Of course, the professional weathermen get it wrong a lot too so maybe your membership in the weather-guesser brotherhood is valid.

    I also have to agree with you about Obama. He talked a good change game during the campaign but I've learned nothing and no one ever changes stripes. We had our first Manhattan College Arnold Air Society reunion after thirty years in 2000…everyone still acted like they did on the last day of school. Obama had always voted as a dyed-in-the-wool, weak- kneed liberal in the Senate and nothing has changes.

    OBTW check us out at http://www.aasalumni.org

  2. Black & White marriages are colorful; President Obama is not smart enough to be leading this (what was a great)country; rain or shine should not be predicted when it's easy enough to look out the window for the best prediction; bocce is for Italians, so what are the other people doing there? Have a g'day!!!

  3. glad you home lou ! what a story terri is ! from homeless to broadway ! i bet she is a special person. have a great day in paradise.sunny, nice and 80 degrees in columbia,sc……….BYRDMAN

  4. Everyone is happy to see all the 33 miners out of the hole and in good health.. It needs to said that it was America that came to their rescue..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  5. Poor BHO44 he talked his way in and then found there's a big dif between Monday morning Qback and Sunday afternoon Qback. Sorry, but he's just a venial chicago politician. If I had a critique of him, he came in like JFK, but didn't inspire like JFK. "Rising tide raises all boats." But once a socialist; always a socialist. And, he fell for the Wall Street "sky is falling routine". If he'd have crossed his arms and said sorry, they'd have figured it out. He paid off the UAW by robbing the GM bondholders. He let the D Porkers loot the Treasury. Bottom line: he wasn't up to the job.

    Why do D&T seek the Gooferment paper? If they're committed, that's what counts. Frankly, I think we should all be left alone. Instead we are pitted against each other in cage matches while the politicians and bureaucrats cheer us on. We should put the politicians and bureaucrats in a cage and we all should just get along. And, we would if we could lower the temperature of the yelling.

    Re: 33 miners Felt sorry for the one wife who stayed home. And, deferred to the girl friend. That marriage was a casualty of the mine disaster. Sad.

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