Yesterday’s radio show appears to have been one of the best yet.

The topic that seemed to have generated the most post show discussion involved Social Security. I spoke of the anticipated failure by the present administration to provide for a cost of living increase to recipients for the second year in a row.

I was correct. Soon after the show, Washington announced that the cost of living increase would not be paid again this year.

A shame.

The banks get TARP money, the banks get bailed out, AIG gets bailed out, but 58 million senior Americans get deprived of a lousy 3 per cent increase in their monthly checks.

Before some of you get all crazed out over my position, remember that Social Security is not charity. Every working American payed into the fund over the course of their working career. They are being paid back their own monies. And the return is significantly less than the contribution.

The problem is the federal government has not left those monies sitting in an account to be drawn on as needed. The government has borrowed the funds. There is no money in the account! There has not been for years.

The radio show was interesting. Even more, it was fun to do.

After the show, I joined Lisa and Ally. Ally had the day off from school. Lisa took the day off from work. They were doing an Ally day.

Ally wanted to go to the Butterfly observatory on Duval. She had been there before. I had not.

An experience! Lovely! Peaceful! A huge forested room with butterflies flying all over. All colors.

Ally showed me everything! Took me around on a guided tour of sorts.

We all had lunch at Camille’s. Ally’s choice. Her day, again.

We parted after lunch. I went home to do bills. A chore I hate. Lisa went for a pedicure and took Ally with her.

I was sitting out by the pool later in the afternoon talking with Donna and Terri when Lisa and Ally showed up. To swim. Only Ally swam. The water was cool. The heater is broke. I have to have it fixed.

I am leaving for a vacation tomorrow. My first in years. When you live in Key West, every day seems like a vacation. So you forget to pack the bags and take off for a week or two.

It is time. I am going.

I have decided on Arizona. My base will be Phoenix. I have been there several times before for Syracuse football games so I am not unfamiliar with the area.

There are some things I want to do.

I want to play golf again there. The elevation is high. There is less air resistance. The golf ball travels farther. I want to enjoy that experience.

I have never seen the Grand Canyon. I will next week.

I always wanted to take an air ballon ride. Never did. Will do so next week, also. Preceeded by a sunrise champagne desert breakfast.

There is a town called Cave Creek, just outside Phoenix. A tourist place. A throwback to the old west. I want to visit it.

If time permits, I would like to drive to the border and see the immigration problem first hand.

That is my next week. Maybe I will do none of the above and just lie around the hotel. Whatever, it will be a vacation!

And…..I will write my blog every morning and share with you with my preceding day’s activities.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Have a great vacation. Your plans for Az are what our plans are when we get to the keys. Do something, but save time to do nothing.

  2. Who cares about social security ? The Baby Boomers are set to retire soon and they will get screwef. They have been a poor excuse of an entitled generation so too fffffing bad. Let em eat cat food and live in a cardboard box. Or just let each of them end it all when they hit 65 and the $ is gone. My generation does not care nor will they help save their Boomer parents. Shove em into poorly managed nursing homes and let em rot!

  3. wow. why such negativity? if you don't like lou's blog; don't read it and go somewhere else. i do not always agree with lou but i respect his opinion and his right to express it! move to Iran or the like and enjoy yourself………. gary from oswego,ny.

  4. I gotta agree with the second poster about taking care of the boomer crowd. They are the ones who will be suffering now that social security is bankrupt. I guess bailing out the banks and the car industry was more important than helping those seniors in need.

    Why not just raise the rate of taxable income for social security deductions? Or make social security payments based on need – those who are in the upper brackets don't need to get the payout when they retire.

    Remember social security was a net for those who retired and was started at a time when people didn't live as long. Raise the age to retire to 80 or so and that will help. Or just make a cut off date – you will get benefits for 10 years and after that it will stop. It will be cost efficient and help restart the talk about death pannels. Something to think about.

  5. I guess I'm not as polite as my friend Gary.. Apparently the second poster is from the younger 'entitled Generation' that the 'Boomers' created.. His attitude shows exactly that..My generation of boomers does take care of our parents/grandparents/family/friends when necessary..Social Security,, I care since I've been required to pay into it for the past 48 yrs and am about to recieve my first check..I've never been umemployed, I've always been willing to work, never recieved any assitance and even paid off the student loans ahead of time just as most of my generation has done..I'm looking forward to cashing that check.
    Patrick and JoAnn.

  6. Every check of mine since Day 1 had social security taken out of MY money for "retirement." It ain't my fault the feds stole the loot. They should be held accountable and pay every cent back that was taken from paychecks; not to mention a reasonable rate of return that a monkey could have obtained by investing in CDs.

  7. If you can afford to live WITHOUT SS payments Patrick & JoAnn, then WHY TAKE THE MONEY? Because as a BOOMER generation bum, YOU FEEL ENTITLED!

    Pot calling kettle.

    What a pair of idiots telling US how to think and behave! I expected this from the ME GENERATION aka BOOMERS!

  8. You make me chuckle.. Why take the money,, you're right in that we don't really need it,, but,, we're not about to leave it to likes of you..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  9. So you take the money someone else could use? I pity you JoAnn and Patrick – you make me sick with your 'I got mine you get yours' attitude.

    Do SOMETHING GOOD with the money – give it to charity, homeless, GOP, DEMS, or whatever party. Heck just send it to the IRS as payment for your greed.

    Just don't take what you don't need. That is selfish, foolish and Baby Boomer-ish. Then again, you fit all three. Just stir. You have been stuffed and served.

    And that is game, set, match point. Too bad – you lost again!

    From the NOW GENERATION who gladly awaits your death panel to bring the gavel onto your tricks. We are YOUR FUTURE and WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

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