Two years ago, I wrote an article for KONK Life involving Tennessee Williams and Frank Merlo. Merlo was the love of Williams’ life. The relationship tender and then tumultuous.

Tennessee Williams’ birthday is being celebrated this month. Many activities. One last night at Studios of Key West. His Words and Letters. Words and letters written to Williams’ closest female friend, Maria Britneva. Substantially involving the Williams/Merlo relationship.

Merlo’s influence on Williams is reflected in the fact that Williams wrote his finest works during their time together. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Rose Tattoo, and Night of the Iguana.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A production well done.

Williams also wrote The Glass Menagerie. The Glass Menagerie was playing across the street at the Key West Theater while I was enjoying His Words and Letters.

Prior to the Williams’ show, I enjoyed La Concha’s happy hour while browsing the Sunday newspapers.

One of the items mentioned in yesterday’s Key West Lou video on Facebook involved outhouses. Details immaterial here. Final video comment was that Hemingway had the first indoor plumbing in Key West. Put in his home on Whitehead when he purchased it in 1931.

Bad day at Black Rock. Two basketball giants felled at the NCAA Tournament. Louisville and Duke.

So it goes

Congressional hearings begin today re Russia’s interfering in a U.S. Presidential election. Not the first time. Occurred once before. The election of 1796.

John Adams and Alexander Hamilton running for President. Great Britain and France had just concluded a war against each other. Bad feelings rampant in each country.

For some reason, U.S. support was important to each nation. John Adams, with the support of George Washington, backed Great Britain. Hamilton, France. Hamilton’s position was that France’s assistance during the Revolution mandated U.S. support.

France threatened open warfare with the United States if U.S. support was not forthcoming.

Adams was elected President. No war occurred.

I mentioned yesterday that Florida reported the screwworm problem was no more. A tried and true process had defeated the maggot type insects. The release of sterile screwworm flies. One hundred forty million since October.

Jean a female loggerhead turtle found sick in December. Taken to Marathon’s Turtle Hospital. She was impacted.

The hospital named her Jean. Cared for Jean till friday. A recovered Jean was released back into the ocean at Sombrero Beach.

Enjoy your day!




I bought Sudafed for my cold. Interesting how it works.

The pill is non-drowsy. The last time I took a cold pill, there were no no-drowsys for sale. The pill knocked you on your ass. Today’s pill obviously much better.

The pill is good for four hours. Then almost immediately, the symptoms return. A negative.

I will stay home today and continue nursing myself.

The only item on the agenda is to write this week’s KONK Life column. Research completed. Ready to go. Title: A Late Night Diner. The story of Edward Hopper’s famous painting Nighthawks.

Getting sexy with the column. I will run a picture of the subject matter. A first time thing. It will be a picture of the Nighthawks painting. Most will immediately recognize the work.

Crazy weather. Yet, typical January. Problem is we are spoiled. Januarys have been great weatherwise the past four years. This January a tough one.

You live long enough in Key West, you develop your own sensors as to what the weather will be. For me, it is the two palm trees on my deck. Maybe a half dozen times a year, they bend northward. Means the wind is coming from the south. A guaranteed storm!

Yesterday, the palm tress were bending north, wind from the south. Actually, southwest. I noticed this when the sun was shining and the wind moderate.

There is a tornado out there somewhere. Came up on Florida from the southwest. The wind started in the middle of the night. Loud! Weather reports indicate gusts 39 miles per hour. This morning cloudy. The winds still at a good speed, though less than 39 mph.

Weather report says high today of 79. Terrific! However, tonight it will drop to 60 degrees. Cold! It will stay generally cold the rest of the week.

I feel bad for tourists who catch a bad week. All that money and they sit cuddled up somewhere trying to keep warm.

Syracuse beat Wake Forest decisively yesterday 83-55. Duke monday night.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Tonight is the night! The start of a new bocce season. I am excited!

It will be cold. Last night the temperature fell into the high 50s. While playing tonight, it will be in the mid to high 60s. The bocce courts are across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. A cold biting wind will be coming off the Atlantic. Long pants and sweatshirt time. Some players will even wear gloves.

I was chatting with someone who plays last night. He described bocce night as a cocktail party for 120 people. He is correct.

This week’s KONK Life is on the stands. Pick up a copy. My column this week is titled NFL Tax Exempt. You will find interesting how the NFL received the tax exemption by law back in 1966.

I watched Syracuse beat Boston college last night. 70-56. Watched the game at Don’s Place with Dan. Last night was not a test. Boston College is in last place in the ACC. Saturday’s game will be a test. Duke.

Kankakee, Illinois. Who ever heard of Kankakee? A little town south of Chicago. I heard of it for the first time when I met Cheryl and Roger here in Key West. Their home town is Kankakee.

E-Blast has an interesting article this morning mentioning Kankakee. There is a song about the New Orleans train which started its trip south from Kankakee. The song was made famous by Arlo Guthrie.

Mick Kilgos is an off and on Key Wester and famous musician in his own right. He is familiar with the song, Guthrie and Key West musical lore. He is in Key West at the present time.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Tyson/Douglas heavyweight championship fight in Tokyo. Tyson was undefeated. Douglas a nothing. The odds were 42-1. Douglas knocked Tyson out to become the heavyweight champion. The first time Tyson was defeated, the first time he was knocked out.

Douglas was Rocky. Except that he lost the title in his very next fight.

Haircut this morning. Have to hustle. It is amazing. My hair cuts seem to have become more frequent as my hair becomes less and less.

Enjoy your day!