Outstanding weather this morning! Again , no breeze. Is it a sign of anything?

My yesterday started slowly. However, I did enough last night to make up for it.

I wrote my blog late in the morning. After having laid around in bed a couple of hours longer than normal. Made myself a sandwich. Read a bit. As I was reading, I noticed how tired I was getting. It was just after 1. An unusual time for me to be tired. I did the normal. I went to bed. Slept till after 4.

Whatever the reason, it was a good sleep and I felt much better afterwards.

Don’s Place first last night. Several bocce team members there. Hershel, Stan and Erika. Nate and Michael, also. Bocce was the topic of conversation. Whereas I believe we have to concentrate more with every shot, Hershel believes we have become complacent. Whatever. We are talking about the problem which is good. Hopefully, it will help us win.

Then to the Chart Room. JJ and Peter for company.

JJ had some beans that were soaked in apple cider. Good! No, great! He buys the apple cider, cooks the beans himself, then puts them in the apple cider to soak. Great flavor!

I was hungry. Where to eat? What did I want to do?

I decided I would like to watch the Alabama/Old Miss football game. Not at home. From somewhere crowded with people yelling and screaming. I went to John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. I sat at the back bar, enjoyed fish and chips, and watched an excellent game. Old Miss looked good in the first half. Not in the second when Alabama ran away with the game.

I was impressed with the number of people in the place. Absolutely packed! Everyone drinking and eating. I told John how pleased I was that his investment was working out. He had a gleam in his eye. If anyone deserves success, it is John.

Syracuse did not play yesterday. A week off. Next week Clemson! Number 3 in the country. It would be terrific if Syracuse won. Though I doubt it. I expect the Vegas line to be 30 points at least.

I have to comment on the Washington situation. They are all crazy! Lunatics! Like kids playing at a game. They forget people’s lives and pocketbooks are at stake.

Silvio Berlusconi is up and at it again! He is a shrewd politician. Here I am complimenting him when he is doing the same thing the Republicans are here.

A Court decides this week if Berlusconi keeps his legislative seat. He has two felony convictions. Berlusconi must be nervous. He sent a letter to his followers yesterday. An Italian  friend wrote me about it. He wants everyone to come to Rome tomorrow or the next day. He will pay everyone’s way. To demonstrate on his behalf. He wants the Court to recognize his power and back off.

Berlusconi’s party is a close second in power. Italy’s President is of the opposing party. The President cannot stay in power if Berlusconi yanks his party’s support away. It is coalition government. Berlusconi has threatened to have his party’s five cabinet members resign. The result would be turmoil. A new election would be required.

Politicians everywhere play hardball. Whether the U.S. or Italy, if you do not play the game their way, they threaten to take their football and go home.

A local criticism. Regarding the Key West Citizen. I have recognized of late that Key West’s only daily newspaper publishes little if any  news of major public events. I especially noted it this past weekend when the Poker Run got next to no mention. I think two photos.

From what I gather, it is all over money. Apparently, Key West’s weekend events do not or are not paying to run ads. Advertising!

The situation is a shame. I do not know who is right or wrong. The public is screwed, however. Locally and nationally. Many read the Key West Citizen via the internet. Key West has a special place in many hearts.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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